A Berry Grand Opening is a pilot for the cartoon "Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures". It was released in 2009 on DVD but has not aired on television.


For the grand opening of her brand new Berry Bitty Cafe, Strawberry decides to throw a party. But with everything going on at once and her friends all having their own problems after the confusion of the Berrykins, Strawberry attempts to make the best out of the situation.

Episode Review

With a few hours remaining Strawberry has a couple of tasks left to finish before her new Cafe opens. She asks some Berrykins to lend her a hand by asking them to speak to her friends, along with her cat Custard to keep an eye on them.

The first stop is at Plum Pudding's Studio where they find her outside practicing. Unfortunately, they misheard Strawberry and
tell Plum she is supposed to be doing the Hula. Unaware of this, Plum resumes practice, switching dance styles and taking off for the Cafe.

Next, the Berrykins head over to see Raspberry Torte at her Boutique in order to retrieve Strawberry's dress. But they do not remember which dress it was, believing she said "rose" instead of "bows" and they pick the dress that causes Raspberry to sneeze uncontrollably. Briefly, Plum shows up at the Cafe and Strawberry realizes the Berrykins made a mistake.

At Orange Blossom's Orange Mart, the Berrykins recall that Strawberry wanted something orange and sparkly, but once again they can't recall what she exactly said. Orange pulls out anything fitting this description- including vases, tablecloths, even laundry detergent. The Berrykins request she just brings anything orange and sparkly and take off again, with the same thing happening at Blueberry Muffin's Bookstore. Strawberry told them that Blueberry put all of the recipes she used into a single book, but not whether she wanted one copy to display, or a copy for all her friends, which is what the Berrykins assume. They do not remember which book though, but fortunately, Blueberry realizes that Strawberry probably wants copies of her book.

Back at the cafe, Orange shows up with everything but what Strawberry requested and she starts realizing something must be wrong.

At their final stop, Lemon Meringue's Beauty Salon and once again fail to remember, so they convince Lemon to give Custard a clown makeover, when Strawberry really wanted crowns themed after fruits for the party.

With everything finished, they return just as Blueberry is telling Strawberry at their lack of being able to remember much.
Leading Strawberry to give a small lecture about listening to others as Raspberry and Lemon show up. Although things aren't what she wanted, Strawberry decides to make the best of it until she sees Custard floating away. As the girls watch in horror, the dandelion fluffs start to blow away in the wind and she begins to float closer to the ground. Hurriedly, Strawberry grabs a nearby tablecloth and makes everyone grab an edge, and with the hula dance they follow Custard until she can land safely on the cloth.

The Berrykins believe it was their "listening" that saved the day, but Strawberry reminds them that it was teamwork, and they were just lucky this worked out the way it did. As the episode ends, the party begins.


  • The Berrykins learn how important it is to listen to someone giving instructions, and to not rush into things without knowing the entire information first.
  • Strawberry and her friends learn how teamwork can help overcome any obstacle when they work together to save Custard.


  • Strawberry: (chuckles) C'mon, silly Berrykins, I know you are as excited as I am, but we only have a little time before my guests arrive. We might be bitty, but when we work together, we can do big things!
  • Berrykins: (excitedly) Big things!


  • Strawberry: (smells the dish she made) Mmm... strawberry muffins. Sen-
  • Plum: (enters) -sational!
  • (Strawberry gasps, adoring Plum's skirt)
  • Strawberry: I love your hula skirt, Plum.
  • Plum: Thanks! The Berrykins said you want me to teach hula dancing to your guests.
  • Strawberry: Uh-oh! I said who loves dancing more than you, not hula dancing!
  • (they burst out laughing)


  • (Lemon and Custard arrive. Custard is dressed like a clown, running on top of a lemon-shaped ball)
  • Lemon: Here we are.
  • Strawberry: Custard?
  • Lemon: She's a cute clown!
  • Strawberry: (realizes the berrykins made another mistake) Fruit Crowns?


  • (Custard floats in the air)
  • Lemon: Oh no!
  • Girls: (worried) CUSTARD!!!


  • Strawberry: Welcome everyone, let's celebrate!
  • (the other girls cheer)



  • This is the shortest episode in the series, being only eleven minutes long.
  • This is the only episode in the series that has not aired on television. Therefore it is not counted as an official episode.
  • The cutout of Strawberry in the library is a modified shot of her basic profile pose.
  • In this episode, Strawberry is a cook book author and chef.
  • This pilot introduces Strawberry and her friends from Season 1 for the first time.