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A Star is Fashioned



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Dec 10, 2011

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"A Star is Fashioned" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Raspberry considers moving to the big city in order to work with top fashion designers. Not wanting her to be unhappy, her friends attempt to send her off with a smile; except for the concerned Cherry.

Episode Review

At the car station a group of Berrykins are working on Cherry Jam's tour bus to get it to work again when a delivery from "Berry Big City Motor Parts" comes for Berrykin Bruce. The berrykins see it's the new hydraulic juicer-rinser, the part they were waiting for, but they grow sad realizing Cherry will be leaving. But they have to fix it, realizing how wrong it would be to lie to everyone by saying it never showed up, and with the boss returning they need to hurry up. However, Berrykin Becky decides that perhaps they can hide it for the time being, and they are quick to deny hearing anything when Berrykin Bruce arrives to ask about it.


Meanwhile, at a croquet game, the girls notice how excited Raspberry appears to be- despite losing. She brings up the Talent Scout from the talent show and shows them the calling card and how they invited her to work with them at the Fashion Design Department in Berry Big City. She hasn't called them yet, and when the others ask why, she admits to being anxious. But Strawberry points out that she won't know of the outcome until she calls, and Blueberry dials the number for her.

To her pleasant surprise, Raspberry hangs up a few minutes later. They have asked her to come to Berry Big City in order to make a brand new line of her glitter gowns from the talent show. In hopes of making a good impression she asks Cherry for some tips, but Cherry just tells her to be herself and she'll do fine.

Later, Cherry Jam is conducting a berrykin kazoo band at the gazebo when Berrykin Bruce comes by to mention the part for her tour bus. Unaware that it showed up, he points out that it hasn't come yet- although she doesn't mind at all. He decides to call Berry Big City Motor Parts in order to find out what happened after he returns to work again.

While making plans, Raspberry asks for some opinions from Strawberry regarding the outfit she should wear, then mentions her concerns over Cherry, and how she doesn't seem all that happy. Strawberry suggests she talks to Cherry before worrying about her behavior if she isn't entirely sure it's the truth, and as she prepares to leave later on, Strawberry pulls her aside to bring it up. Raspberry admits that she tried, but she accidentally made it sound like an opinion, rather than a question.

The girls are once playing croquet and Plum rips her dress. Orange then starts to say that Raspberry will have it sewed up in no time, but then sadly realizes that Raspberry isn't there to fix it. This winds up making the other girls start to miss her as well.

That evening, to their surprise they get an email from Raspberry. She seems happy and the city has everything she could ask for. She then reveals that the staff has decided that it would be in her best interest to move there. While the girls are happy for her, they grow depressed while Cherry, who seems to have known this would happen, is less-than happy.

Raspberry's new look

The following day, the girls are shocked to find Raspberry's new look as she returns with Mavis Maraschino, the hostess of "Fashion Further Forward". At first Mavis appears not to recall who Cherry is, despite having met her until she realizes that she actually is Cherry Jam, leaving her to wonder if the others are holding her hostage. However, the girls have no clue how to respond and are not given time as Mavis and Raspberry head over to her Boutique.

Once there, Mavis suggests Raspberry to just leave her old stuff behind since she finds it unappealing. She then asks if a Glamour Studio is in this town and she orders the other girls to leave and they all head off to Lemon Salon, where she talks with someone over the phone, describing how Raspberry's new studio will be designed. Meanwhile, Lemon is trying to give her a unique hairstyle before she is being asked why the facial mask has no guava in it. Lemon is left frustrated and Cherry brings up how snobby and rude the designers of the big city are. Mavis claims Cherry is only jealous, although Strawberry reminds Raspberry that she should ask Cherry, rather than listen to Mavis; who seems to be trying to make her dislike her old home. 

That night, Cherry Jam is playing a new song as the other girls sing with her while they overlook a bunch of pictures they took of Raspberry, hanging them up and decorating the area for a going away party. Strawberry is very happy and thinks Raspberry will love the song when Plum informs them she isn't coming since Mavis thinks she needs beauty sleep. By now the girls


worry over Raspberry, since Mavis clearly isn't a good influence on her. In this time, Strawberry decides to ask Cherry why she hasn't been so happy recently, recalling Raspberry's mention of it when Cherry then explains that being famous can change people. She's been worried over Raspberry, and seeing Mavis' influence has only worsened it.

The next day as the two are preparing to leave, Mavis asks Raspberry why she bothered to come back to the Cafe, to which Raspberry sees its empty and closed. She then remembers that her most favorite Berry Bitty City event is going on today and rushes off to attend it while wondering why she wasn't reminded. She finds the others already in the water, but Cherry is on the dock and she asks why she didn't join them. Cherry explains that the only boat left was Raspberry's and without her there she would have felt bad to take it.

It's then Raspberry explains that she forgot about the party they held for her the day before, then she is asked by Cherry to join her on the boat.

Holding Hands.png

Happily, Raspberry gets inside as Mavis tries to convince her to reconsider until she falls into the lake and throws a hissy fit over being wet.

The others share a laugh at her expense, feeling she deserved it as Raspberry apologizes for thinking that Cherry was jealous of the attention she got. Cherry thinks nothing of it, instead embracing her and welcoming her home.


  • Berrykin Becky: The gadget we got? We just didn't get it, get it?
  • Other berrykin mechanics: Got it!


  • Berrykin Bruce: Don't worry, I'm in no hurry. She's so nice. I'll get to the bottom of this. (talks on the phone) Yes. Hello? Berry Big City Motor Parts? I'd like to speak with the manager please.


  • (Mavis does not understand what Cherry is doing in the village)
  • Cherry: No, I'm just taking some time off here.
  • Mavis Maraschino: They're holding you prisoner, aren't they?


  • (after being introduced and behaving very rudely, Mavis walks away)
  • Orange: Uhm... what was THAT?
  • Plum: If you find out, DON'T tell me. I don't think I want to know.


  • Strawberry: Cherry, is there any reason you wouldn't be happy for Raspberry?
  • Cherry: Yes, there is.
  • Strawberry: I mean... we are all going to miss her, but... this is her chance to be a star.
  • Cherry: When you're a star, sometimes it's hard to be yourself. Raspberry isn't acting like herself, and the Raspberry we knew was happier.


  • Cherry: The stars shine much brighter here than in Berry Big City.



Despite her dreams of becoming a big time fashion designer, Raspberry learns that a dream can be ruined by others who try to change you into their own image. She comes to realize she was unhappy with Mavis controlling her and she breaks ties with her to remain with her friends, who like her for who she is.


  • It is confirmed in this episode that Cherry has decided to become a resident of Berry Bitty City.
  • In this episode, Raspberry reveals that the sewing machine she is shown using was her very first sewing machine.
  • The first appearance of Berrykin Becky and Mavis Maraschino.
  • This is the only occasion that Mavis visits Berry Bitty City without being accompanied by her assistant.
  • Berrykin Becky's name is not mentioned in this episode. It was not revealed until the episode "All Dogs Allowed".
  • Berrykin Becky tells Berrykin Bruce "Berrykin Byron is installing a new set of lug nuts". So far, no Berrykin named Byron has appeared in the show.
  • The title of the episode is inspired by the popular phrase, A Star is Born.
  • The song "Without You" in this episode is similar to SF9’s "Never Say Goodbye" from the album "Mamma Mia".

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