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A Stitch in Time





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Oct 12, 2010

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A Stitch in Time is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


For her upcoming poetry reading session, Raspberry struggles to make a special dress for Strawberry to wear, leading the other berry girls to try to pitch in and help after she refuses. As this is going on, Strawberry decides to go camping in hopes of finding inspiration.  


Strawberry is busy working on a poem for the upcoming event at the Cafe when she asks both Custard and Pupcake for advice. She goes over the poem and what she has so far when Mr. Longface comes in to give his own opinion. She asks him for advice, but mentions only needing a few more words before she finishes it.
Taking measures

It's then she gets a call from Raspberry, and she takes off for a last-second fitting. Upon arrival, Raspberry takes some quick measurements and shows her the sketches she made for the dress she's working on. Although, Strawberry decides not to look in order to keep it a surprise, and she takes off after encouraging Raspberry.

She returns to the cafe when she hears her poem being read aloud, finding Mr. Longface with it as her pets play with a paper ball. She asks why he is changing everything, but he claims he is improving it, only for her to remark on how she has never seen a shooting star before when she looks it over. Mr. Longface suggests that she would get more inspiration if she did, and she decides to take him up on this idea and decides to pack up her items for an impromptu camping trip. 

As this is going on, Plum comes over to see her for a moment. She speaks with her and gives her some of the energy bars before taking off, but on the way home she finds that Raspberry is still awake, so she decides to pay her a visit.

Seeing how frazzled Raspberry has become, Plum offers to help her after voicing concern she won't finish the outfit in time, but Raspberry refuses. When she isn't looking, Plum decides to swipe some of her fabric and items and vanishes momentarily. Raspberry looks around for her to find Plum suddenly dressed up as a French fashion model, and she tries cheering her up, which works until Raspberry realizes she is wasting time. She tries to resume working, but Plum insists that because it's so late, she should rest for it. She offers to close the shop for her and hesitantly Raspberry agrees, wishing her a goodnight and taking off for her bedroom.

Remorseful for Raspberry, Plum begins putting away her items when she sees something. She is suddenly inspired and begins to come up with a quick plan.

Meanwhile, Strawberry is becoming very sleepy. She tries to force herself awake, but while doing this she misses a shooting star.

Later that evening, Plum has gathered the other girls to explain what happened and her idea. Blueberry can't resist comparing the situation to the story of the shoemaker who had little elves helping him in secrecy, and inspired further, the girls decide to try to do this to help their overworked friend.

Unfortunately, Strawberry isn't as lucky and she once again falls asleep.

Later, the girls sneak into Fresh Fashions Boutique and they quickly grab the various items they will need; such as some design ideas, fabric, sewing materials, string, and other random odds-and-ends.

By now Strawberry worries that the sky won't be clear enough when storm clouds cover the sky. However, she won't give up, knowing her determination will pay off in the end- as long as she can last until then.

Early the next morning, the girls run outside after finishing an outfit after overhearing Raspberry beginning to wake up. She comes downstairs to find the dress, just as they pretend to come inside and greet her.

Surprised to see this dress, she admires it before claiming not to have made it, while the others act as though they didn't see it before. As she wonders where it came from, Plum realizes they never bothered to think about what they would tell her yet. When Raspberry asks, Lemon suddenly claims it was made by fashion elves. They try to change the subject by claiming that it's still her design- it was just made by someone else. Raspberry isn't very sure she agrees, but because she got a lot of rest she is sure she can make an even better, special dress. With that she begins to get to work.

The girls lack of sleep makes them very sleepy the following day during dance class. Plum is quick to blame Lemon and wonder why she would come up with such a silly excuse when they should have just told her the truth from the get-go. But because of Lemon falling asleep she doesn't even hear her, and the class ends abruptly. 

That night Strawberry returns to the campsite, this time with a tent to avoid getting soaked if it rains. But she gets stuck within it when the zipper gets stuck, causing her to miss the shooting star shower she came out to see.

For some energy, the berry girls sit down for snack time. Lemon worriedly brings up that they might not finish this second dress in time, and Plum suggests that instead of focusing on a single dress at a time, they should each work on separate parts and just put it together. However, when morning arrives Raspberry is left shocked by the weird dress the "elves" made. It doesn't even look like her designs; it looks like someone took several and combined them. She decides to leave a note this time, hoping that the elves will realize their first method worked better.

The next day Plum decides to come clean to Strawberry. She explains how they didn't mean to lie to Raspberry, they just wanted to help, and she wanted to tell her the truth but now she's worried that by doing this, the others will think she's putting down their efforts. With that in mind, Strawberry asks Plum to come to the Cafe around 5:00 pm, and she meets up with the others to tell them the same.

At 5:00 everyone shows up and Strawberry out smoothies in hopes of getting them to stay, seeing how frustrated they seem to be. She explains how she dislikes secret meetings, so she wanted everyone there. But before she can really talk she gets interrupted by Mr. Longface, who wanted to show her the newest additions to "her" poem. It's then Strawberry realizes what her own problem was, and she decides to confess that she was unhappy with him editing her poem. However, she decides to wait until the others leave, and it dons on them that they need to be upfront with Raspberry as well. But not wanting to disappoint her, they decide to work together on a final dress.

Like the first day, the girls pretend to leave and enter the shop as Raspberry wakes up and comes downstairs. She's gotten used to oversleeping as of late because of the elves, and is in awe over the pretty dress they made today. Despite this, she doesn't feel very happy- which Lemon notices and questions. Raspberry explains that while it's lovely, she can't take credit for the dress since she didn't make it. But she has one more day to make something and decides she will just need to finish it on her own, leading Plum to finally confess that they made up the story about the fashion elves.

Surprisingly, Raspberry is very happy by this and she thanks them for their honesty. It's then Plum gets another idea, one that will allow Raspberry to make her outfit, but will allow them to help her in another way.

Meanwhile, Strawberry admits the truth to Mr. Longface and he apologizes for taking over her poem. But while he feels bad, he's become happier now because this experience has re-awakened his love of poetry, and now he can work on his own. Strawberry is satisfied with this result and resumes work on her poem.

Later, Raspberry reveals her brand new, special dress to Strawberry, who delightfully thanks her for her hard work. That evening, Strawberry wears the beautiful new dress and reads her poem to everyone.



Plum and the others learn that when helping others, it's important not to overstep boundaries and do their work for them. It's also a bad idea to make an excuse, because eventually they dug a hole that they found hard to get out of and were only making their lives harder. 

Strawberry also learns the importance of being honest with someone who is overstepping their boundaries in their attempt to help.


  • This is the first time in the series that the girls group together in order to help someone else.
  • Bosley Bookworm is seen briefly at the final scene. This is his first appearance in the show until his formal introduction in "Berry Bitty World Record".