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The Baby Berrykin is one of the minor Berrykins featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. He appears in "Babysitter Blues".

He is voiced by Andrea Libman, who also voices Lemon Meringue and Princess Berrykin.


The baby Berrykin is a "Strawberry Berrykin", having a pink themed head with big green eyes. Like all baby Berrykins, he has a curl above his forehead, and wears white gloves and a diaper.


The Berry girls notice that someone change the colors of the food in the cafe. They find out it is the baby who causes the color changes. The Princess Berrykin explains that while the Berrysparkle normally affects only berries, the baby's sparkles work on everything.

Starwberry spends the day watching over the mischievious baby. She makes him understand that his actions upset others, and that he should be more considerate of their feelings. He eventually restores all the colors back to normal.


  • (drinking Rainbow Smoothie) "Mmm... pretty and tasty!"


  • The baby has the power to change the colors of any plant, inanimate object (butterfly nets, the Princess's sceptre, clothes) or even live beings (a butterfly, a ladybug).