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Babysitter blues





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Oct 14, 2010

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Babysitter Blues is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Strawberry has her hands full when she agrees to babysit a young berrykin who has magical powers.

Episode Review

Strawberry is in the middle of making the world's very first rainbow smoothie when she notices that she missed the strawberry portion. She quickly attempts to gather some to add, but she is concerned when blue product comes out. 

Rainbow Ruined
She tries a few more times but is unable to get what she needs, noticing the others are doing the same thing. By the time she finally finds the strawberry smoothie, the drink has began to melt and doesn't look as nice.

The girls head over to the Berryworks to do some investigating to find many confused Berrykins in an uproar. Princess Berrykin explains that a baby berrykin is the cause for the sudden chaos, due to being so powerful his sparkles have the ability to change the color of anything- even though their magic is only supposed to work on berries. Just then, the baby berrykin falls over and Strawberry helps it up, then he runs away as the other berrykin give chase to try to capture it. Princess Berrykin is rather upset and explains that this will cause problems for an upcoming event and she doesn't know what will happen as a result.

Seeing this, Strawberry offers to watch the baby berrykin for now to let them work, with the others agreeing to lend her a hand. While the Princess is a bit concerned, she agrees and they head off to try to find it.
Green berrykin

To avoid being caught, the Baby Berrykin turns himself green to blend in with the grass and plants, tricking the girls until Strawberry gets an idea. They pretend to leave and start to walk away so that he lets his guard down, then the second she spots a green berry moving around, they point out that it's the wrong color.To try to catch him, they pretend to argue about the best color in order to make him turn red again, and realizing he's been caught, Strawberry greets him.

He asks her to play with him, and she explains the importance of "asking permission" while leading him back to her place. The princess remains worried, but she ultimately sees no harm in this and hopes it will help him learn.

Later, Strawberry and Orange relax while watching the baby play in the nearby fountain. When they notice he suddenly changed the water yellow, they run to the Salon nearby to check on Lemon's water supply when Plum mentions baby oil has suddenly been put into her hair. Lemon offers to wash it out again as Strawberry tries to explain to the baby what he did, but before they can he runs off. The girls split up to try to find him and reunite at Mr. Longface's golf course, where they find it causing havoc by turning the balls green, causing the Players to have to quit because they can no longer see them.

Meanwhile, at Fresh Fashions, Blueberry is trying on a hat Raspberry has made. Strawberry almost catches the baby when he runs into Raspberry's boutique and begins to change all of the colors of her various items, with magic floating around everywhere. Strawberry tells the baby berrykin he has to ask before doing things when the magic suddenly changes her hat blue as Mr. Longface enters.

The baby berrykin takes shelter behind Strawberry and she decides to try to show him the consequences of his actions. Initially he hesitates but she manages to convince him to trust her, and with Blueberry, they decide to play golf with a worried Mr. Longface standing nearby. But she assures him that everything will be fine- just as a ball nearly comes flying at him. Blueberry takes her turn and her ball is turned green, and she pretends to have lost it, telling the Baby Berrykin that they can't play until they find a blue ball. He wants to play more, but they say they can't unless they determine whose ball belongs to whom, so he changes them back to normal.

Seeing that she's beginning to earn his trust, Strawberry asks the Baby berrykin to help change things back to normal and they start by returning to the Fresh Fashions Boutique. After he returns everything to normal she thanks him and they rush back to Lemon Salon, where they find a colorful mess awaiting them; namely Lemon. While the Berrykin thinks she looks pretty, Strawberry gently explains that it doesn't matter what he thinks about others, as much as it is what they think about themselves, and because Lemon doesn't like it, he should help her. He changes her back to normal, along with everything else, including Strawberry's hat.

At Strawberry's Cafe, the baby is busy in the middle of coloring when she shows him the rainbow smoothie she could finally make now that everything is fine. She hands it to him and he compliments how tasty it is while she admires his drawing. She looks for a specific crayon but unable to find it, she asks him to change them. He refuses, saying that his special sparkles are bad, but she explains how untrue this is; he just needs to know whether or not it's okay to use them, and that all he needs to do is ask if he doesn't know. Happily the baby berrykin uses them on his crayons and the episode comes to an end.


  • Strawberry: Well, baby berrykin is too smart for us.
  • Orange: You're so right.
  • Raspberry: I guess we better be going home.


  • Baby Berrykin: Strawberry come play, Strawberry come play!
  • Princess Berrykin: What do you say?
  • Baby Berrykin: Thank you, Strawberry.



Strawberry helps the Baby Berrykin learn that although he might be having fun, his actions may upset others and he should be more considerate of their feelings. She also helps him realize that his special gift isn't bad, he just needs to learn when it's best to use it and to ask if he's unsure.


  • This is the first appearance of a baby berrykin in the series.
  • In this episode, Plum's hair is different in color when wet.


  • As the group stand at the berry works, their positions change multiple times. Raspberry stands next to Strawberry, but when she says "hi" Raspberry isn't anywhere near her. Then in the next part, Blueberry had gone missing.
  • The blue color on Strawberry's hat dims over the course of time throughout the episode.
    • However, this could have been a sign of it returning to normal, or just lighting.