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Berry Best BerryFest Princess





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Oct 25, 2010

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"Berry Best BerryFest Princess" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Elections are held for a substitute BerryFest Princess to replace Princess Berrykin when she gets called away at the last second. Initially what seemed like fun and games turns into stress and competition, causing Strawberry to wonder if it's worth it.


Everyone counts down to the planting of the first flower of spring, with the honor given to Berrykin Bloom during Princess Berrykin's absence. When the flower blooms, Lemon announces that it is now time for the Berryfest Spring Festival, and Blueberry informs them that they always have a Princess there, so they need a substitute. Along with the Berrykin she begins to list all of the responsibilities and duties the Berryfest Princess is expected to do and they decide to hold an event to decide who deserves the title.

The ladybug twins show no interest until she brings up that the Princess will ride at the very front of the parade in a beautiful carriage. Strawberry asks how they can decide when Raspberry suggests they draw straws, but Lemon thinks a round of musical chairs might help. Along with Plum, who states the unhelpful advice of "Find someone whose name rhymes with Drum". It's then Postmaster Bumblebee suggests they hold an election in order to pick the temporary Princess. But in order to do this they need to narrow down the entrants, so Mr. Long Face has each entrant identify the flower given to them. Whoever can will move onto round two.

Everyone gets it right with the exception of Sadiebug -who got disqualified for eating her honeysuckle flower- and Raspberry, who hadn't worked with her flower, the daffodil, enough that season to recognize it. With that they move onto the second round, where the girls must race up the strawberry plant and grab one of the fruits on top, return to them, then water it.


"I grew a Kadieberry!"

Lemon struggles during this portion when she's unable to decide which stalk to climb up. Blueberry uses her time to refer to a book for help while the other girls begin, with Sadiebug attempting to help her sister cheat by using a saw to cut the stalk down, and Plum having problems trying to pick one of the strawberries. It's then Kadiebug falls into the hole Lemon was digging for hers, and Strawberry and Orange are evenly tied and granted access to the third round. Everyone heads off; with the exception of Blueberry, who is still reading her book.

As everyone prepares for the election, Sadiebug and Lemon decide to give Strawberry their support and help, while Kadiebug chooses to assist Orange. She surprises Orange with the much larger buttons she made for her- but after realizing the Berrykin can't wear them, they decide to shrink it down again.

Meanwhile, Strawberry observes their efforts before suggesting to Sadiebug that she asks Blueberry for her help writing a speech. She agrees and takes off, with Lemon expressing relief because she and Sadiebug aren't able to agree on anything.

At Blueberry's book store, she is in the middle of typing when both ladybug twins show up and begin to argue. Blueberry honestly tells them that she doesn't know who she wants to vote for though, so she can't write a speech for either of them. It wouldn't be fair. The twins attempt to sway her decision but when it doesn't work they take off.

Curiously, Strawberry observes Blueberry when she runs in to speak to her. She explains why she can't help but is worried that Strawberry is upset with her, but she doesn't want to hurt either of them. Strawberry reassures her that she understands though, and she soon learns that everyone else feels the same way when Raspberry joins them with the same problem, having been requested to design each of them a new outfit for the event. Strawberry continues to insist it's alright and sends Raspberry on her way after assuring her that they will be friends regardless of the outcome, and the dresses don't really matter. It's then Plum joins them to reveal that she isn't sure who to vote for and is pretty upset. Strawberry tells her the same thing, but by now she's perplexed and uncertain of herself.

She decides to take a trip to the nearby pond in order to relax when Postmaster Bumblebee comes by to ask if she's having trouble with her speech. She informs him that she is- but it's her resignation speech. This has been more trouble than it's worth and she doesn't like knowing her friends are upset and stressed out trying to force them to decide who to choose. It would just be easier to drop out and let Orange win. Postmaster Bumblebee agrees, but he brings up that ones likes and dislikes aren't important when it comes to voting. It's ones responsibility to pick based on the ideals and choices being offered, and it's good to have more than one side to these things. Just because the people of Berry Bitty can't agree on who to vote for doesn't mean they can't still get along since they all still get along despite having different opinions.

Strawberry realizes he has a point and feels better, returning home to find Lemon and Sadiebug finally working together to make posters and buttons. This inspires Strawberry to resume working on her speech.

The next day, Orange has just finished her own and she sits down to allow Strawberry her own time on stage. Strawberry admits that she can agree with Orange on some of her points, she also adds that a lot of hard work will be needed to make sure they succeed; and she is ready for anything and everything that comes with this responsible task.

Upon finishing, the voting process begins until everyone has gotten a chance. Then, they go over the votes until realizing it's a tie. Shocked by this, they hurriedly go through the numbers again to determine that one person didn't vote. Suddenly, it dons on Orange that she was so caught up in everything that she forgot to vote. Mr. Long Face allows her to vote since it will be the tie breaker, and initially everyone assumes she will be the winner- but to their surprise, she chooses Strawberry.

Strawberry is delighted and she invites the ladybug twins to join her at the front of the parade for being such good campaign managers when they hold it. But when they end up arguing she can only sheepishly say "well, I tried", and together the berry girls embrace as everyone begins celebrating the outcome.


Strawberry learns that when it comes to making important decisions like voting or holding an election, it's important to realize that it's important to make sure people vote for the solutions and ideals that mean more to them. It's nothing personal, and she shouldn't worry about the effects it could have on her friends. All she can do is help them understand this and do her best not to let them down.



  • Princess Berrykin's age is hinted at in this episode when Blueberry brings up that the book was written since she was crowned Princess. Then she vaguely remarks upon the age of the book.
  • This episode shows that politics do exist in the Berry Bitty City.
  • Official promotional images of the series were used of Strawberry and Orange when they prepare for the election.
  • There were 150 total votes before Orange took her turn. Besides the girls, Sadiebug, Kadiebug, Postmaster Bumblebee, Mr. Long Face, and another ladybug, 139 votes were provided by Berrykin.
    • This could imply that with the Princess Berrykin and the baby Berrykin, there are 141 Berrykin as of this point in the series.
  • Previous airings of the episode had Sadiebug say, "More planning, sounds good" when Strawberry said that she believed in more planning before doing. But in recent airings this scene was modified.


  • When the girls lay in a circle, Raspberry's headband is missing.
  • Sadiebug votes for Orange, even though she's Strawberry's campaign manager.
  • After Strawberry finishes making a portrait of herself for the campaign for the various voters, she says "only 199 more to go". But according to the voice count, there are 151 voters, not 200.
  • Usually election voting is held in private, not in the open.