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Berrykin Bloom is one of the main Berrykins featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. He is one of the very first introduced, alongside Princess Berrykin.

Berrykin Bloom is an elderly Berrykin who has lived in Berry Bitty City for the longest of time. He mainly plants vegetables and flowers, but he also likes to try to invent new things in order to improve the quality or quantity of the crops.

Berrykin Bloom is voiced by Paul Dobson, who also voices Mr. Longface.


Berrykin Bloom is a wide, elder Berrykin who is very passive and gentle. He never makes a fuss over anything and likes it when others come to him for advice. However, he does tend to panic over the silliest of things, or worry a lot.

Usually, Berrykin Bloom will be tending to his gardens of flowers, vegetables, or fruits. He knows a lot about plants, which comes in handy when something isn't growing or if a plant should suddenly get ill. He is very handy when it comes to plants, and can even identify when they'll be all grown and ready for use. Sometimes he spends so much time with his plants, that he doesn't get to do much else. This is the reason why Orange wanted to win a vacation for him so much during "Berry Bitty World Record".

He seems to be close friends with both Mr. Longface and the Princess, both of whom he is normally seen with.


Berrykin Bloom, as stated, is an elderly Berrykin, as hinted by his gray eyebrows and worn voice, but he is by no means feeble. Hi's body resembles a typical Berrykin, though he always wears blue gardening gloves. He is a "Strawberry Berrykin", having a pink themed head with big green eyes, wearing a small pair of glasses.

Berrykin Bloom also is usually depicted with a sunhat on with a blue and white band around the center and a flower or two tucked on the side. At construction sites he wear a yellow hard hat with a sticker of strawberry, a blue and white band around and a corn-ear tucked on the side.

Other Outfits


  • "You're suppose to be prepared for another two weeks."
  • "I follow three simple rules: you can't rush, everything takes time; never give up, there is a solution for every problem; and always have a little loving care, any job worth doing is worth doing well!"