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Berrykin Bruce is one of the minor Berrykins featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. He is a Berrykin worker who lives in Berry Bitty City. He is the boss of the Berrykin mechanics.

Berrykin Bruce makes his first appearance in "Top Talent", when he and his crew check what is wrong with Cherry Jam's tour bus.

Berrykin Bruce is voiced by Sam Vincent, who also voices Berrykin Earl.


Berrykin Bruce specializes in mechanism engineering. Whenever a machine or any mechanical object requires installing or fixing, Berrykin Bruce and his crew immediately arrive to work.

Berrykin Bruce has a talent for inventing complex apparatuses:

  • In "On Ice" he makes a mechanism of water show.
  • In "On the Road" he builds a "Slinking Slinker Snatcher" trap. The trap works well, though it catches the Berry girls instead of the imaginary Slinking Slinker.


Berrykin Bruce is a "blueberry Berrykin", having a blue themed head with big green eyes. He wears a yellow coverall, yellow gloves and a yellow cap with a sticker of blueberry. Like most of Berrykin mechanics, his face and clothes are stained.


  • "Bumbling bitterberries!"
  • "Spectacular!"
  • "Well, that is the berry best I can with such short notice!"
  • "Put a little muscle in it! Scrub'em good!"
  • "Remember the Berrykin code: a berrykin never shirks his work!"
  • "I have captured a criminal mastermind!"
  • "Ed and Earl? Those guys are supposed to be making sure the lanterns don't run out of Sparkleberry juice. If they're shirking their work..."
  • (After Ed tells Strawberry to be quiet about berry top secret) "YOU'RE IN ON IT TOO STRAWBERRY?!?! Oh, the shame of it!''
  • "How am I supposed to practice my water show here with all these paper decorations?"