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Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl are two of the minor Berrykins featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. They are berrykin workers who live in Berry Bitty City.

Ed and Earl make their first appearance in "On Ice", where they help their boss Berrykin Bruce with the water show he prepares.

Ed is voiced by Scott McNeil, who also voices Postmaster Bumblebee; Earl is voiced by Sam Vincent, who also voices Berrykin Bruce.


Ed and Earl are diligent and hardworking, specializing in mechanism engineering, carpentry and construction. Other than that, they have opposite characters: Ed is loud and confident, while Earl is shy, hesitant and becomes scared easily. Sometimes Earl's lack of confidence gets on Ed's nerves.

As a team, Ed is the leader and Earl is the follower.

Ed and Earl are prone to get themselves into funny and awkward situations:

  • In "A Boy and his Dogs", they tell the Berry girls and Princess Berrykin that while checking the watering system, they encountered a monster with seven noses. The "monster" turns to be Huckleberry and the puppies.
  • In "Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins", they make a backdrop painting of the cottage of the seven Berrykins for Plum, but it looks like two different buildings stuck together. They explain that each of them had a different idea of what sort of house the Berrykins would live in, so they combined them. Plum is very discontent.
  • In "Berryella and Prince Charming", they try to replace Berrykin Tim as prince charming: Ed stands on Earl's shoulders inside the prince's costume, but they lose their balance and fall while dancing with Strawberry. Later, Ed comes up with a plan how to transport a watermelon all the way to the stage, to make Berryella coach of it, after its flesh is removed: he lures Tom Tom, Marmalade, Scouty and Cinnapup inside, then gives Earl a bag of dog biscuits and instructs him to run at one direction. Ed exits the watermelon and pushes it, while Earl and the puppies start running inside. However, the watermelon goes in the wrong direction, accelerates too fast, bumps into stones and ends up stuck at tree roots, while Ed runs desperately after it, worried about Earl and the puppies. Fortunately, they are unharmed, and Earl even finds the ride enjoyable.
  • In "The Berry Big Relay Race", they try to shut a pipe valve, but end up high in the air on top of geyser-like sparkleberry juice stream that bursts out of the pipe. Later they shirk work to watch the relay race, using a bush for camouflage, fall into the lake, get stomped by frogs and get carried by a bird high in the air. Luckily, they get back safely to the work site.
  • In "The Berry Best Treasure", strange things happen when they clean the cafe, the most bizarre of them is a toast chasing Earl around. Ed comes to check it out but finds everything normal, so he claims it is just Earl's fancy imagination. Later the same things happen to Ed too, and they run away from the cafe.
  • In "A Basket of Blue Berries", Berrykin Bruce notices that Ed and Earl act suspiciously, sneaking around with a wooden crate. He thinks they intend to help Huckleberry steal the Princess Berrykin's tiara. Later it reveals to be a surprise they prepared for the masquerade ball - a fireworks display.
  • In "The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff", Ed and Earl help Orange to build a statue of Berrykin Bloom made of cake and machine parts. Earl absently puts inside the gear-box a fork he used to taste the frosting, and it causes the statue to malfunction, and it falls on two huge cupcakes, smashing them totally.


Berrykin Ed is a "plum Berrykin", having a purple themed head with big grey-blue eyes. He wears a blue coverall, white gloves and a blue bandanna around his head, and sometimes a yellow hard hat with a sticker of plum.

Berrykin Earl is a "blueberry Berrykin", having a blue themed head with big green eyes. He wears a red coverall, white gloves and a red cap, and sometimes a yellow hard hat with a sticker of blueberry.

Like most of Berrykin mechanics, Ed and Earl's faces and clothes are stained.


  • (inside the watermelon, Ed instructs Earl how to make the puppies run)
  • Ed: Take this bag of dog biscuits and run that way! (exits the watermelon)
  • Earl: Eh.. sure... yeah... OK.


  • (while sneaking to watch the relay race, using a bush as a camouflage)
  • Earl: So, Ed, do you think we are at the lake yet?
  • Ed: (grumbles) For the tenth time, Earl, we're not at the lake yet! You'll know when you get to the lake!
  • Earl: But how? I can't see where're we going.
  • Ed: Look down, Earl. What do you see?
  • Earl: My feet.
  • Ed: And what else?
  • Earl: Your feet.
  • Ed: (about to lose patience) WHAT ELSE, EARL?!
  • Earl: Rocks?
  • Ed: Right! Rocks! When we get to the lake, we'll look down and see... lake!
  • (they fall into the lake with a SPLASH)
  • Earl: HEY! WE'RE HERE!


  • Ed: We gotta sneak out of here, so we can get to work on (giggles) project you-know-what.
  • (Ed points at a wooden crate)
  • Earl: Well, sure I know! Project "Berry Top Secret"!
  • Ed: Shhhhh, Earl! Don't say it! Don't even mention its name!
  • Earl: (mumbles with his mouth closed) Mmm... bbb...


  • (A toast chases Earl. He rushes to the hole in the floor where Ed is working and tells him what he saw. They come out of the hole)
  • Ed: What are you talkin' about?
  • (They enter the kitchen. They don't see anything out of the ordinary. The toast that chased Earl lies still on the floor. Ed picks it up)
  • Ed: Were you eating toast?
  • Earl:! It attacked me!
  • Ed: (mockingly) Oh... you were attacked! By a piece of toast.
  • Earl: Well, Ed, I-I'm only telling you what happened. (whispers) I don't know how she can stand it...
  • Ed: (impatiently) WHO can stand WHAT?
  • Earl: Strawberry can stand working in a café that's... you know... (whispers) haunted.
  • Ed: (annoyed) Haunted? Haunted?! There is no such thing, Earl! Eeesh... you and your fancy imagination!
  • Earl: Well, Ed, I-I'm only telling you what...
  • Ed: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've got work to do. C'mon.



  • Ed and Earl appear in one Season 2 episode ("On Ice"), and very often in Season 3. In Season 4 they appear only in one episode - "Berry Double Trouble", and without speaking lines.
  • They belong to the official order of "Berrykin construction workers, trench diggers and carpenters".
  • When they wear hard hats, their gloves are yellow. Without hard hats, their gloves are white.
  • Only very rarey ("Partners in Crime") any of them performs a task without teaming up with the other.
  • Only very rarely they try to shirk work ("The Berry Big Relay Race").