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Strawberry is closely farther down left. Left to right: Lemon, Blueberry, Orange, Raspberry, and Plum.

Hello, welcome to the character page. Here you will find a detailed list of every character known in the series!

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Main Characters

Season 2 Characters (since Cherry's debut on the show).

Strawberry Shortcake

The main character of the series, Strawberry is a new resident of Berry Bitty City at the start of the series and quickly befriends the others. She has two pets: a kitten named Custard and a puppy named Pupcake.and She is also know as Princess Strawberry Shortcake

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry muffin is the librarian of the town, who owns and reads many books, ranging from cookbooks to dictionaries. She is also the only one who can translate the long or overly-fancy words used by Mr. Longface. She has a puppy named Scouty.

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom is a General Store worker who sells many random things! Even multiple different orange, sparkly items like laundry soap to a vase! She's very nice and caring and is rarely ever selfish. She has a puppy named Marmalade. She is mostly a very bi-ethnizied girl.

Lemon Meringue

The energetic Blond who runs the Salon in Berry Bitty City. Often creating new inventions to help her but realizes with the help of her friends that while they're nice, the reason they keep coming is to be with her. Very talented with a pair of scissors. She has a puppy named Henna

Raspberry Torte

The adorable fashionista who is very creative and kind to others. She puts them before herself and will overwork if she has to, in order to succeed. She usually makes the special dresses worn by the others. However, she does have a competitive streak with Lemon. She has a puppy named Chiffon.

Plum Pudding

The silly, friendly dancer. She tends to be very concerned for the others, but has a stubborn streak also and if she feels she is right then she will stand by it. Plum is a very hard worker who gives everything 110%. She has a puppy named Pitterpatch.

Cherry Jam

A popular singer coming to Berry Bitty City in search of friends accepting her for who she really is, she befriends the others and decides to stay in Berry Bitty City for a while. She has a puppy named Cinnapup.

Huckleberry Pie

The only male character so far. At first, Huckleberry tried to befriend others by telling that he is good or it's his favorite. At the end, he promised to be true. He has a puppy named Tom Tom.

Sweet and Sour

Twin girls who help Strawberry with her baked goods at her café.

Other Characters

Mr. Longface

Mr. Long Face

A caterpillar who works at a mini golf course. He uses overly big and fancy words, often confusing others until translated. He is also seen running and cleaning the Berry Bitty Cafe when Strawberry is away.

The Berrykins

Cute little residents of the Berry Bitty City. They resemble strawberries and while much smaller then the girls, range from being a babies age to an old person. They do not grow in size and come in many colors. Usually they are seen Harvesting Glimmerberries.

Princess Berrykin

The Princess of the Berrykins and perhaps one of the only females. She looks mostly like them but wears a crown and carries a special wand. She is very polite and friendly.

Kadiebug and Sadiebug

Two little lady bug twins who often bicker and argue over who is the best or right. This usually causes problems for those around them. They can be rude and somewhat mean when they don't get their way. Relatives of Jadeybug.


One of the mail people who live in Berry Bitty City. She is the older relative of the twin lady bugs and is

Jadeybug talking to Strawberry

usually seen wearing her mail hat or carrying letters.

Berrykin Bloom

An older berrykin in charge of plants like fruit and vegetables.

Berrykin Bill

A Berrykin builder who is in charge of making things.

Berrykin Bruce

A Berrykin mechanic who is in charge of installing and fixing mechanical objects.

Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl

A pair of berrykin mechanics and builders.