Cinnapup is a noisy Dalmatian who belongs to Cherry Jam. She was adopted by her during A Boy and his Dogs, when the berry girls decide to each take one of the strays to help Huckleberry Pie.


Cinnapup loves to sing, howl, and make all sorts of noises. She is very noisy and playful, but a total sweetie. Although she may fuss if presented with girly activity.


Cinnapup is a light pink Dalmatian with hot pink spots to match her nose and inner-ear coloring. Her eyes are raspberry in color. She has a few loose hairs on the top of her head and wears a purple velvet collar with a pink and white cherry blossom tag.


Cinnapup was originally taken by Lemon Meringue, but she did not enjoy being pampered and constantly groomed by Lemon, so she often made a fuss. Lemon also found Cinnapup to be difficult because she had no hair or anything groom-able.


  • Cinnapup is believed to be a Dalmatian because of the spots on her body.
  • She appears often on Season 3. On Season 4 she does not make any appearance.