Custard is the adorable little kitten that belongs to Strawberry Shortcake. She's cute, cuddly, and super friendly!

It's unknown when or how Strawberry got Custard, but this little kitty is her best friend, maybe even more so than the others. Custard makes more appearances than Pupcake throughout the franchise.


Custard is like any other kitty. She's very friendly, kind, gentle, easy to please, and berry playful! When someone seems upset or is in a bad mood, Custard will come by to try and perk them up. She is rarely ever upset or temperamental, and not at all picky about the things she is given. She likes to try and help the best she can.

Sometimes Custard notices things that Strawberry forgets or misses, and draws her attention to ("Strawberry's Berry Big Parade", "Room at the Top").

Since she is like most cats, Custard happens to be very playful, trying to play with Strawberry's scroll paper she used for drawing, as well as her pencils and pens. Custard also rubs against things or people she likes, such as in one episode when she rubbed against Berrykin Bloom while he was in the middle of talking.

Most likely when Pupcake goes with Strawberry, Custard stays back to nap or play with something or someone else.


Custard is a small, pale pink-colored kitten that is almost a knee in length. She has white spots all over her, much like a Strawberry and has big, bright green eyes. Her paws, muzzle, and inside coloring of her ears are light pink, almost white. She wears a green collar with a ribbon attached to it, but sometimes just a ribbon around her neck.

Past self

Original Custard
Back when Strawberry was just made, Custard essentially resembled her current appearance. However, with her stitch like markings, she seems to have been a plush toy that came to life, rather than a normal little kitty. She has a pink heart shaped nose and usually was smiling with small rosy cheeks. She had a normal, thin cat tail back then. When the series rebooted around 2003, Custard appears
Custard 2
along with Pupcake as the loyal pet of Strawberry's. At first, she only mewled and made cat noises. As time went by, she began to speak human words along with Pupcake.

This was most likely the look that inspired her current form, other than fur pattern. She had loose fur at the top of her head and face, while her muzzle, inside ears, and chest/stomach had been white colored. She wore the same bow with strawberry accessory she dons now. The only major difference was her big darker pink spots all over her fur. Which the current Custard lacks, as it gained the white spots from the first Custard.


  • Custard is the only original pet other than Pupcake to show up in the series.
  • Custard remains one of the least changed characters throughout the series, as she resembles her previous versions.
  • Custard's name is a dish made with milk/cream and egg yolk.
  • Custard's bow is in the opposite pattern of Strawberry's bow.
  • Her meowing is different in "Berry Double Trouble".
  • She appears occasionally on the first two seasons. On Season 3 she appears only twice, in the first and the last episodes. On Season 4 she appears very briefly only in one episode ("Berry Double Trouble").
  • She and Pupcake are the only pets who appear in all four seasons.
  • She appears on the pilot "A Berry Grand Opening", what makes her the first pet to be introduced on the show.