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Doctor Hazel Nutby is a squirrel who works as a doctor in Berry Bitty City/Berry Big City.

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Her voice actor is Nicole Oliver, who also voices Jadeybug.

Berry Bitty World Record

Dr. Hazel Nutby comes to Berry Bitty City, after she is contacted by Mr. Longface and Berrykin Bloom, who believe the girls must be ill, watching them doing "random things for no apparent reason" - something Mr. LongFace read about in his medical illness book.

Upon arrival they show her around, while Orange having seen her believes she is the Judge they had called for. After Strawberry's stack of fruit proceed to fall over, she tries to check the girl to see if she's alright. However Strawberry insist she's fine before Bosley Bookworm, the actual judge, shows up.

Mr. LongFace questions the weird-ness when Doctor Hazel Nutby ask to see the book he got this from. After he shows her, she simply deduces it as "A gag gift for Doctors, for a small laugh". She is then invited to Strawberry's Cafe for the many Souffle's left over from earlier.


Not much is shown or known of Doctor Hazel Nutby, since she was only called upon once so far. She came and acted with a calm head the entire time. She also didn't seem angry about the false-alarm call when she revealed the illness book was simply a joke book for doctors.


Doctor Hazel Nutby is a female squirrel with fawn-brown colored fur. Her hair is a lighter variety of this color, with bangs that come down to her eyes in the center of her head. The coloring inside her ears is pinkish, while she has light cream coloring around her eyes, muzzle, and inside tail coloring. Her eyes are green, very much similar to Strawberry's own and she wears blue eyeshadow. She has a square, dark brown nose, two small buck-teeth and wears small circled red glasses. She also has a single eyelash on each eye.

Doctor Hazel Nutby's outfit is very simple in design, consisting of a pink and dark pink striped tank top or shirt underneath an opened white Doctor jacket. She carries medical equipment with her, like typical doctors, and has an acorn on the right side of her bangs, like a hairclip.


  • (looking at the huge pile of fruit Strawberry stacked) "I am afraid this is beyond medical science."
  • "I've never seen anything so severe in all my days as a doctor!"


  • She has appeared only in one episode on the entire series.
  • One of the few animals who talks and looks human-like, not counting the bug citizens of Berry Bitty City.
  • While it's assumed her patients are basically anyone like the Berry girls, it is possible she also works like a veterinarian and treats animals.