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Fish Out Of Water
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October 10, 2010

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Fish Out of Water is the first episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. It originally aired on October 10, 2010.


Orange Blossom takes in a new pet that she initially thought would be easy to raise. But after it starts growing and causes problems, she inadvertently isolates herself from her friends when she refuses to do anything about it and refuses to let it go.

Episode Review

Strawberry and Orange are relaxing by the pond one day when Orange suddenly begins to panic upon feeling something touch her foot. She finds a green fish in the water and both are instantly smitten by it's small size and cuteness. Orange decides to take it in as a pet, but hesitant, Strawberry suggests that she gives it more thought first because it will eventually grow and become harder to take care of. Orange is sure she can handle it though, even pointing out that it wants to come with her anyway, then she asks Strawberry if she trusts her.

With that, Orange scoops up the little green fish and she takes off to show the others. Strawberry is still concerned, but she decides to let Orange enjoy herself and see what comes from this.

At Orange Mart, Lemon Meringue is admiring the adorable new pet as Orange announces his name is Stuart. As Plum and Raspberry walk inside to check it out, she reconsiders and names him Todd instead. She shows them a trick he learned and while everyone is genuinely impressed, the novelty begins to fade when two days later- he's already outgrown five tanks.

One day, while Strawberry is trying to determine which book she wants from Blueberry Books a panicked Orange runs inside to ask for a book about fish. Todd has gotten sick and she doesn't know what to do. Seeing how worried she is, Blueberry asks her for his symptoms, believing she might have a quick solution, and to Orange's surprise, she learns Todd isn't sick; he's a frog.

The trio head back to Orange Mart to see how much bigger Todd has gotten, and Orange stubbornly claims that he is a fish. The girls can clearly tell this isn't the case though, and after Blueberry tries to tell her this, Strawberry suggests they return him to the lake, where he belongs. Orange refuses, claiming that a minor oversight in his species isn't going to make her reconsider. She reminds Strawberry of a quote she often says and remains persistent.

Unfortunately, as the days pass everyone is beginning to get fed up.

Strawberry and Plum make their way to Lemon Salon when suddenly, an outburst from inside surprises them. They open the door to find Todd sitting inside of a metal pan getting a bath. While feverishly trying to keep him in the pan, Lemon explains how Orange dropped him off and begins spraying him with some perfume; but Todd responds by jumping out of the pan, splashing water all over the place and hopping out through the front door. The three girls chase after him until they find him at a waterfall, along with Orange Blossom, who assumes she has finished. Once again Strawberry tries to convince Orange that he belongs in the wild, but she remains ignorant and takes Todd away, promising to come back later- much to Lemon's chagrin.

That night, nobody is able to get any sleep due to the loud croaking; with the only exception being Orange. The girls meet up and realizing she isn't there, with one of them saying that because Orange was so worn out from chasing him all day, she's having no problem sleeping through it. Grumpily, the girls attempt to come up with an idea on how to make him stop when Raspberry suggests they sing it a lullaby. However, this only works as a temporary fix.

The girls irritated moods remain the next day, and by now Strawberry is beginning to get frustrated and they visit Orange Mart in hopes of speaking to her. They don't find her there though, and turn to leave when they happen to find a new location; a swimming pool Orange and Plum are putting together for the frog. Slightly angered, Strawberry scolds Plum for encouraging this sort of behavior, but Plum justifies it by claiming that Orange promised she could use the pool for water ballet class if she helped her.

Later that day, Strawberry is in the middle of reading to Custard and Pupcake when she gets a call from a very upset Princess Berrykin. She runs to the Berry Works to see Tad sitting in the juice vat and promises to speak to Orange about this. She also finds out that he's made a watery mess in the pool, where Plum is currently in the middle of her water ballet and decides that it's enough and she has to make Orange listen. She is momentarily distracted by an upset Raspberry, who brings up that Tad ate her designs for the cute pet fashions she was inspired to make- and worst of all, Orange didn't even apologize. She's been so rude as of late to everyone.

Eventually Strawberry manages to locate Orange, who is upset over Tad having run away. Strawberry gets her some tea to try to calm her down back at the Café, when Blueberry and several Berrykin rush inside to inform them that Tad is sleeping on the roof. They run outside in time to see a group of Berrykin stack themselves on each other for a better look -despite Strawberry's warning to be careful- causing Tad to wake up and hop off, carrying one of the berrykin.

With their scooters the girls give chase, and with some rope they manage to tie him up somewhere safe, with Strawberry bluntly telling Orange they need to talk. With Tad on the rope, using it for a leash, the girls begin to walk down a nearby path as Strawberry explains how much Orange has been forgetting to be considerate lately. She's been so focused on her new pet that she doesn't realize how unhappy it's been making everyone else. Quickly, Orange tries to defend Tad's actions but sternly, Strawberry points out that she isn't making him happy either, and this isn't the life for him. It's time to let him be free again. Orange begs for another chance, but being unable to convince Strawberry, she realizes she has no choice. But first she needs to do something about th
e mess he's made.

With that, Orange beings to make amends with everyone; cleaning up all of the messes and making sure to personally apologize. She also gives Plum permanent use of the pool as thanks for her efforts and due to no longer needing it, and she ties Tad up to give some Berrykin a ride on him. But she realizes that while everyone feels better, it doesn't fix everything. Strawberry reminds her that he can't stay, and he's unhappy here. She knows it won't be easy to do, but if Orange values his happiness then she will make the right decision.

Saddened, Orange finally agrees and she leads him towards the lake where they found him. She takes the rope off of him and watches as he hops away, causing her to remark on how he didn't even take a second to say goodbye to her. But seeing how happy he looks, she feels better. With that, Strawberry suggests they go on a picnic together and Orange agrees.


  • Orange: I won't turn my back on him just because he switched... (sputtering) species!


  • Blueberry: Tad is doing his night croaking...
  • Lemon: What about our night sleeping?


  • Strawberry: Sometimes the berry best things we need to do are the things we can't even see.


  • Orange: His name is Todd.
  • Lemon: I thought it was Stuart.


  • Orange: I promise he'll be better behaved.
  • Strawberry: He may be little now, but soon he will be more than what you bargained for.


  • Strawberry: Maybe just a water plant, huh?


  • Orange: Well, he has growths...
  • Strawberry and Blueberry: (looking at each other) BLEUGH!


  • Orange: I think I'll name you... Butch.
  • Strawberry: Butch?
  • Orange: He looks like a Butch.
  • Strawberry: He looks like trouble. Cute as he is.


Orange learns that adopting and raising a pet means more than admiring how cute it is. It is about taking responsibility for its behavior and actions and doing what is best for the pet, even if it means letting them go.


  • Orange is the first Berry girl and Character to appear in the series, while Strawberry is the first to speak.
  • In this episode, Plum's hair appears lighter than usual.
  • Although Plum was given ownership of the pool it doesn't appear again in the series.


  • In Blueberry books, there are some upside down pictures on a bookcase behind Strawberry.