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Foods play a big role in the Strawberry Shortcake series. On this page is a detailed list of food items that made an appearance in the Berry Bitty City series. Feel free to check out our Recipes page, which include official recipes provided through various sources of the series.

Known Cooks in Series

While each girl appears to be capable of making foods, there are a berry few who major in it. These include:

  • Strawberry Shortcake came to Berry Bitty City in order to run a Cafe, and later the market. She can usually be found baking and she likes to come up with new recipes.
  • Sweet and Sour own a food truck and later move into Strawberry's cafe. Sweet's recipes focus more on desserts, while Sour's are more savory or tangy with loads of vegetables.
  • Apple Dumplin, after Sour teaches her to cook, makes cookies and assists Berrykin Bloom to make hot sauce.

Known Foods


Apple Slices - Served to Mr. Longface with Pomegranate Tea at the beginning of "Vanishing Violets".

Applesauce - During the planning of their First Frost Gift Exchange in "Happy First Frost", Strawberry was attempting to make this but struggled because of her masher not being very good. She was given a new one as a gift. Mr. Longface does not like Applesauce.

Colorful sandwiches - These would occasionally appear, usually made from plain or colored bread, with red and yellow filling, possibly jam.

Finger sandwiches - Strawberry made these for the opening of the new dog park in "All Dogs Allowed".

Marshmallow - the Berry girls roast marshmallow at their camping site Berry Beautiful Meadow.

Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches - Strawberry made these for the Berrykins picnic.

Snappy Happle Apple snacks - Strawberry made these during "Where the Berry Breeze Blows".

Various Jam filled sandwiches - When the girls were having lunch, they had been eating Jam sandwiches. Each of them having jam flavored after their names (Blueberry with Blueberry, for example).


Apple Cider - While planning for the Ball and waiting for it to snow in the episode "Glimmerberry Ball", Strawberry had made this warm drink for everyone. Made with warm Apple Cider, Orange rinds, Lemon Juice, and Happy wishes.

BeBetterBerry Tea - Strawberry uses it when she does not feel well. She made some for Blueberry on "A Basket of Blue Berries", and it made her recover soon after. 

Chamomile Tea - Strawberry suggested this to Jadeybug in "Strawberry's House Pest" when she had become upset at the thought of Kadiebug and Sadiebug staying over and having to tell them they couldn't.

Hot Chocolate - A common winter drink Strawberry often makes.

Lemonade - Often found within various media of the series. Also comes in Strawberry Lemonade form.

Pomegranate Tea - Served to Mr. Longface along with Apple Slices at the beginning of "Vanishing Violets".

Rainbow Shakes - Strawberry's specialty. A shake that consist of multi-colored layers of flavors.

Smoothies - A drink Strawberry often makes, usually depicted as strawberry and orange flavors, but there are other versions.

Various Teas - A simple drink that is easy to make. Comes in every flavor of the girls preferences.

Wake Me Up Fruit Juice Surprise - Strawberry offered this drink along with some pancakes to Lemon in "Vanishing Violets" after Lemon found some of her violets gone.


Assorted Muffins - Strawberry often makes these when going on an outing, or after work.

Banana Chips - Strawberry baked these in "The Berry Best Treasure".

Blueberry Muffins - In "Where oh Where has my Blueberry Gone?", Strawberry made these special in order to try and tempt Blueberry to come with them when she was very addicted to the Patty Persimmon books. However, as Patty hates blueberry muffins, Blueberry claimed to as well.

Boomberry Pie - In "Starlight, Star Bright", Plum and the girls have made this dessert for Cherry Jam, but Cherry Jam never showed up because of her sore throat from being lost in the woods. When shaken, the Boomberry Pie has about a 5 second delay before blowing up in a pastry mess.

Cherry Turnover - When Cherry Jam planned to have a picnic in "Practice Makes Perfect" Strawberry baked some for her.

Cookies - These come in several variations, usually as a snack or item for picnics or parties.

Corn Muffins - Strawberry baked these in "Pop Goes the Garden". The first two tries failed due to an error in the cook book. Once Strawberry figured what was wrong in the recipe, she managed to make them properly.

Cranberry Cookies - During the Glimmerberry party planning in "Glimmerberry Ball", Strawberry was going to make her special Cranberry cookies, mentioning that Blueberry really likes them. Pupcake got the Cranberry confused for his ball.

Cupcakes - The Berry Girls all attempted to bake the biggest and most elaborate cupcake possible for Berrykin Bloom in "The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff" in celebration of his newest creation, the Sparklestar Waterpineberry, only to learn at the end that he doesn't really care for cupcakes, only fruits and vegetables.

Gooseberry Geyser - A dish that Strawberry made on "The Berry Best Taste Test".

Great Grape Grandy - A dish that Strawberry made on "The Berry Best Taste Test".

Mucho Mocha Mango Mousse - A dish that Strawberry made on "The Berry Best Taste Test".

Mulberry Pie - In "On the Road", Strawberry had just finished baking this when Berrykin Bloom came in and overheard her mention that she and the others would be leaving Berry Bitty City for a short while to go on their concert tour.

Nana Num-Num - A dish that Strawberry made on "The Berry Best Taste Test".

Olallieberry Rhubarb Surprise - Strawberry baked this cake on "The Berry Best Taste Test".

Pineapple Sideways Cake - After discovering a huge source of Pineapples in her closet that Berrykin Bloom had hidden there in the episode "Room at the Top", Strawberry decides to make a Pineapple Sideways Cake. Princess Berrykin dislikes pineapples.

Plain Souffles - Strawberry made these for an upcoming recital in "Practice Makes Perfect".

Strawberry's Fabulous Fig Frappé - A dish that Strawberry made on "The Berry Best Taste Test".

Strawberry Soufflé - In order to pass a world record to win Berrykin Bloom a contest ("Berry Bitty World Record"), Strawberry was trying to make the biggest soufflé according to the record book. She kept failing, but had plenty of souffles left over to eat.

Very Berry Spice Royale - Strawberry also baked this cake on "The Berry Best Taste Test". However, it initially came out bad because of Strawberry having a stuffy nose. She accidentally added a persimmon pepper instead of persimmon powder.


Strawberry shaped Waffles - Used the Perfect Waffle Maker (The Wonder Waffler) to make these in "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow", at first Strawberry loved them. But because they were too perfect, she decided to return it. Strawberry makes waffles and pancakes every morning for breakfast in the cafe.


Big Blue Blazer - A rare species of chili pepper, that Berrykin Bertram uses to make his sauce extra hot in the episode "Hot Sauce Cook Off".

Brussel sprouts -

Carrots - Used as the snowmen's noses in games of "Capture the Snowman's Nose" in "The Berry Long Winter", but were stolen by squirrels who simply wanted to play as well.

Corn - Blueberry accidentally planted corn in her garden in "Pop Goes the Garden" thinking they are daisy seeds.

Hot-and-Not pepper - A hybrid pepper that Berrykin Bloom produced by plant propagation, and used to make his chili sauce on "Hot Sauce Cook Off".

Onions - In "Room at the Top", Berrykin Bloom hid some in Raspberry's Boutique.

Peas -

Potatoes - In "The Berry Long Winter", mashed potatoes were used as a substitute for snow in making snowmen for games of "Capture the Snowman's Nose" when the snow making machine gave out.

Pumpkins -

Snap Peas - Mentioned as Cherry's favorite vegetable by Blueberry in "Top Talent".

Tomatoes -

Turnips -


Bananas -

Cranberry -

Gooseberry -

Grapes -

Kiwi - In "Room at the Top", Berrykin Bloom hid some underneath the Marketplace floorboards to try and hide the fact that the big harvest was ready far sooner then expected.

Mango -

Mulberry -

Oranges -

Peaches - In "Room at the Top", Berrykin Bloom hid some in Lemon's salon.

Pineapple - In "Room at the Top", Berrykin Bloom hid some in the cafe.

Sparklestar Waterpineberry - A hybrid fruit that Berrykin Bloom produced by plant propagation on "The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff".

Strawberries - In "Berry Double Trouble", Lemon and Raspberry find and eat a fresh strawberry.

Tangerines - Mentioned as Cherry's favorite fruit by Orange Blossom in Top Talent.

Wanderberry - A very special fruit that is rainbow colored with each orb a different color, varying from yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, and blue. It resembles a giant blackberry. Only one wanderberry ever grows at a time, but a new one immediately sprouts up as soon as it's plucked. It's called a dessert, because everyone saves it for last and use it for very special parties, mainly the Berryfest picnic.

Watermelon - In Berryella and Prince Charming, one had to be used in Plum's proposed play for the baby berrykins as a pumpkin carriage, due to pumpkins not being in season at the time.


Hamburgers - Being grilled on "The Berry Best Vacation", while the girls were at the beach. Sweet later made one for Berrykin Bloom in "Hot Sauce Cook Off". It is unknown what they are made of.

Walnut - Orange attempted to crack a giant one in her shop in "Too Cool for Rules" to add to the bags of mixed nuts she recently got.

Sweet's Dishes

  • Banana Buttersquash Bisque
  • Celery Sweet Swirl
  • Papaya Pyramid
  • Whipped and whirled Peach Parfait
  • Persimmon Hazel with Honey Waffle
  • Strawberry fondue
  • S'more Than S'mores
  • Pickle Berry Casserole
  • Butter Berry Pie

Sour's Dishes

  • Curried Cucumber Canapé
  • Spicy Rice Jalapeño omelette with peanut butter chutney
  • Sun-dried Tomato and Chili Crepe
  • Sunflower Salad
  • Date sticks à la Sour
  • Cucumber Cooler
  • Yam Surprise
  • Cantaloupe Chips
  • Side o' Slaw
  • Chopped Celery Cup