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Glimmerberry Ball



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Nov 8, 2010

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"Glimmerberry Ball" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Plum chooses a hollow tree for the Glimmerberry Ball, but two chipmunks spoil her plans. Refusing to find a new location though, Plum does everything in her power to get rid of them.

Episode Review

The Berrykins remark on the falling snow as of late.

Meanwhile, at Strawberry's cafe, Pupcake is playing with a ball when she offers the others more Apple Cider. She explains how its made while Raspberry mentions it may feel like winter if they drink it a lot, and Plum wishes for a lot of snow before commenting that at times she thinks she can hear it. To their surprise they happen to check by the window and see snow really is starting to fall.

Inspired by the new weather, the girls discuss what they enjoy best about winter; like warm jackets, cranberry cookies, and most of all, the Glimmerberry Ball. Plum quickly starts to plan for it until Strawberry reveals they don't have enough room in her cafe anymore, given that Berry Bitty City isn't so bitty anymore. To lend her a hand the girls leave to search for a place that is big enough to hold everyone.

Soon the girls return, saddened by the lack of anything good being found. Strawberry suggests they try again later when suddenly Plum bursts in with news; she found the perfect spot. Excited the girls follow Plum to a tree she found, revealing her plans to hold it in the bottom section of the tree. The girls go


inside and Strawberry decides to officially put her in charge of handling the rest of the work. Plum starts by giving everyone tasks to do, such as having Raspberry and Orange decorate, Strawberry making snacks and she offers to also bring the utensils and dishes, and she asks Lemon and Blueberry to find lights.

That following evening the girls have decorated when Plum mentions how great it looks. Blueberry adds that since they're a day early, they got plenty of time to do more for the event and decide to make more, fancy tablecloths and find music.

The next morning the girls are shocked to find a mess awaiting them. At first, Plum thinks it's a prank as the girls comment on it- especially Raspberry, who has suddenly taken to the soft, cozy crate paper. Plum's mood slowly worsens as she tries to figure out who could have done this though, but the girls find it hard to believe anyone in town would purposely try to ruin the ball, leading Plum to believe it's the work of some outsider.


Meanwhile, Strawberry is having trouble baking with Pupcake, who wishes to play. She cannot figure out why when suddenly her phone goes off and she listens to Plum as she describes what happened. Strawberry promises to come over just as soon as she can finish baking her snacks, only to reconsider after Pupcake makes a mess.

As Strawberry tries to deduce her puppy's suddenly playful behavior, she happens to spot a cranberry he rolled over to her. She suddenly realizes that he mistook it for his ball and thought she was trying to cook it, then she apologizes and locates his missing toy to make him feel better.

The girls hide to wait for the intruders to return when Blueberry points out the unlikeliness of someone showing up with a bright light just out in the open. They realize she has a point but by now everyone is feeling worn out and sleepy, so Raspberry brings up the crate paper again and suggests that they could lie on it to relax for a while. Plum allows it, but she warns the girls to stay on the alert for any given moment; only to find out they already fell asleep until a sudden noise alerts them. They find two big chipmunks making a mess of the place and quickly Plum chases them out by making a lot of loud noise using the items surrounding them. After they flee, Orange asks if they can go now, but Plum wants to make sure they don't return so she sets up a trap.

The next morning, the girls head over to Strawberry's cafe to show each other their pretty gowns. They are happy for Plum's efforts and cheer for the hard work and efforts she put into making sure the ball was a success. She is also in a much better mood and they decide to give everything another check.

To their shock the mess has been made again and by now Plum is beyond angry. She wakes up the chipmunks after finding them asleep on the crate paper, which seems to work until the chipmunks retaliate by rolling acorns through a hole on the top of the tree to chase the berry girls away. Unwilling to back down, Plum responds by luring the chipmunks out with the others to the side of a snow covered hill.

The girls try to redecorate when they hear something again and investigate to find a giant snowball heading their way. Before they can run from it, the snowball reaches the girls and leaves them covered in snow. Now enraged, Plum makes plans to make the chipmunks regret what they have done. Once again, the chipmunks are asleep on the crate paper, and she resorts to using the party objects to scare them away. Once they leave, the girls continue to set up until the chipmunks steal their dresses and run from the tree.

Plum demands they come down, but gets interrupted by Strawberry, who has just now showed up and is quite confused. Plum informs her of what happened and Strawberry is left further concerned, voicing how gentle and timid the chipmunks usually are. She believes they might be causing the problems, because it is their hibernation time and they were asleep in the tree. They didn't know the chipmunks were using it, and Strawberry recalls the situation with Pupcake earlier, pointing out how important hibernation is for the chipmunks.

As the girls start to understand what was going on, Plum goes to apologize and personally asks the chipmunks if they can use their tree for the Ball in exchange for making their Glimmerberry Ball into a "Hibernation Ball" where everyone brings food donations to ensure that the chipmunks will have enough food for the winter. The chipmunks agree and bring the gowns back.

That following night, Strawberry plays her guitar as the girls

Playing music.PNG

dance and play with the chipmunks and everyone is having fun. As the ball ends, the girls are whispering to let the chipmunks can sleep. They agree that this party was a lot more fun then the Glimmerberry Ball, and while leaving, Plum returns to cover the chipmunks and wishes them sweet dreams.


  • Strawberry: Berry Bitty City isn't so bitty anymore.


  • Plum: And when I find out who has done this, they will have to answer to the wrath of Plum!


  • Blueberry: I have never been treated so... so... abominably!


  • Plum: (to the chipmunks) Sweet dreams... see you in the spring.



Plum learns a lesson in trying to understand the point of view belonging to others, and the importance of compromise and understanding. She also learns that a friendly approach is preferable to an aggressive one.


Never Say Never was originally performed by country singer Martin Johnson for his debut album which was released on Show Dog Nashville in October 2008.


  • While dancing with Lemon, Orange's hair goes through Plum's ponytail. Realistically, their hair would have snagged or got tangled in each other's.

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