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Good Citizens Club
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Nov 11, 2010

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"Good Citizens Club" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Plum tries to get into the new club run by Kadiebug and Sadiebug after she is led to believe she was the only one not invited. 

Episode Review

At Strawberry's Cafe the girls are about to eat some sandwiches Strawberry made when they hear sound from outside. They investigate to find the twin ladybugs setting up something. They welcome the girls to their new Good Citizens club, expecting them to want to join until the girls quickly decide to return to the Berry Bitty Cafe. With surprise they ask about this, and the girls go on to point out how much the twins bicker and fight- something the twins don't initially believe until Blueberry agrees with the others. In hopes of getting them to reconsider the twins decide to take it upon themselves to tell them what the club has to offer.

While the girls begin to reconsider if it means helping the community, Plum begins to question some things as Strawberry asks of their goals or plans. The twins mention that a meeting will be coming up soon, once they determine who will join it and they head straight to the post office shortly after. They ask Postmaster Bumblebee to deliver the invites before tomorrow, but unknowingly they end up dropping Plum's invitation when they bump the door into him and knock him over and send the mail flying everywhere.

After a few days, Plum begins to notice something odd going on. She notices her friends are busy with club-like business but she has yet to get an invitation, so she decides to pay the twins a visit.

Later Strawberry knocks on Plum's dance studio door, but she doesn't answer. So she takes off after leaving a note, detailing their attempts to create a path to divert the nearby stream away from the Berry Grove so that it goes around it instead of through it and had come by to ask if she wanted to lend a hand.

Upon arrival Plum finds the twins locked in a game of tug-of-war, trying to determine where to put their banner. The twins then notice Plum and tell her that they were having a "discussion" on where to put the banner and ask her where she would put it, and Plum suggests right in the middle. Plum then comes right out to ask about the invitation and points out everyone else got their own, so she was wondering if she was invited or not and asks if there were supposed to be any tests involved. At
first the twins appear to realize something happened- but rather than tell her, they decide Plum should be tested like she asked about and ask for a moment. They get out of listening range for Plum and resume bickering, this time wondering who "forgot" to make her an invitation, but not wanting to hurt her they decide to go with their test idea. They make her paint the clubhouse multiple times, both inside and out, and while Plum doesn't want to she doesn't want to be left out and agrees.

As she is busy working, the twins continue to order her around, even arguing over the colors and shade until they make a mess. Plum is highly confused by the time she finishes, and while unsure she asks about the pin again and if she is ready to be accepted. The twins refuse to hand it over, so she asks how much more she needs to do for them.

Meanwhile, Strawberry and the others wonder where Plum is, then Orange goes on to say that she is missing the mud.

Back with Plum and the twins, they are now demanding drinks and snacks. She doesn't see how this is really helping but she wants to join so she decides to make sandwiches with Glimmerberries and Peanut Butter. She also decides on having Kiwi drinks and soon arrives back to her Dance Studio to see the note Strawberry left for her.

Later, the girls have finished building the pathway, but Strawberry is sad Plum missed everything, which also has made her concerned. As the girls make their way over, Plum has finished with the snacks and is making her way back to the club. 

Upon arrival, the girls find that the note Strawberry left for Plum is now missing, but seeing that she isn't home again they decide to leave another note for her.

To Plum's disappointment the twins hated her snacks, despite her mentioning that she made them for everyone in mind; not just those two. If they don't like them then they shouldn't have wasted her time, but they assure her that she just has one final test to finish and get her pin. While angry, Plum decides to just finish and finally be accepted.

At Orange Mart the girls make plans to plant some flowers and discuss Plum. Orange suddenly recalls seeing her earlier when she came by to pick up some crackers for the meeting, so they make plans to pick her up on the way over later.

It's then the twins decide they want more fragrance for the club and demand Plum picks flowers from the Community Garden. Plum is against this as the flowers from the community garden aren't to be picked for the sake of everyone's enjoyment and refuses to do this, even with the threat of not making it into the club. She takes off, deciding a "crooked and wrong" club isn't for her. By the time she arrives home she is depressed to find the second note from her friends and heads inside.

As Plum is going inside, the other Berry Girls have just arrived to see how upset she looks. She breaks down and confesses that she did several things for the bossy twins to make it into
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the club, assuming that everyone else passed them and she feels bad she wasn't able to do it. However, the girls express confusion and admit that they didn't need to do any tests, they got invitations to join. Suddenly, Plum realizes something must be wrong and they all agree to speak to the Ladybug twins to find out what the problem is.

The girls find the twins observing the community garden flowers. The twins quickly hide their scissors before they can see them doing this and Strawberry asks why Plum had to join the club through several tests when they themselves didn't need to. Plum has always been a good citizen and she wouldn't need the tests to prove that either- but just then the scissors they had fall from their pocket, causing them to ask for an explanation. Rather than show guilt, the twins explain that Plum refused to take the flowers, causing Plum to ask about the pin again. The twins confess that they had given her an invitation to begin with, and they're sure they mailed it with the others so they don't know why she didn't get it.

Now upset, Plum demands to know why she was forced to take tests nobody else had to, given the stress it caused her, and the twins admit that they only made the club because nobody else ever lets them join their's, and now they realize why. They're selfish and they always fight, so nobody wants them to hang out with. Realizing how upset they made Plum, they apologize and ask Strawberry to be the leader of their club, knowing she would make fair rules and make sure everyone is accepted, but Strawberry hands her pin to Plum and suggests she does it.

With excitement Plum agrees and soon the first meeting is held. Blueberry states they should have a camp out where Plum holds a poll to see what they should do during it, then they all make agreements to spruce up the Gazebo by planting more
flowers. They also decide to make winter clothing for Berrykins, and make snacks for the workers over at the Berry Works. Plum then mentions they should close the meeting with a song and the episode comes to an end as the girls are shown walking along a long trail, working at the Gazebo, and dancing around a fire.


Plum learns that if someone makes you jump through rings just to be accepted, they're not really worth it if they ask you to go against your morals or belief. She realizes this and decides to stay truthful to herself, rather than sink as low as the twins by doing something she didn't think was right - even if it meant not being accepted like everyone else.


  • (the ladybug twins invite the girls to join their club)
  • Orange: A club? Run by Kadiebug and Sadiebug?
  • Lemon: But... they're always arguing.
  • Raspberry: How much fun could that club be?
  • Plum: Unless it's a debate club....


  • Lemon: They do seem to be getting along. Maybe they turned over a new leaf.
  • Plum: Make it a whole tree...


  • Lemon: (seeing Plum crying) Was it something I said?




  • Realistically it seems unlikely that Orange or Plum wouldn't be contacted about the missing letter after finding it.
    • It also seems unlikely that the girls wouldn't have thought to check the post office to make sure nothing happened to Plum's letter.