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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow





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Oct 15, 2010

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"Hair Today Gone Tomorrow" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty adventures.


Lemon Meringue worries about her place in the community after her new machine makes her salon more efficient and herself less essential.

Episode Review

Strawberry shows up for her appointment at Lemon Salon to find the others still waiting for their turn. With Lemon's recent amount of clients all wanting to look nice for the opening of Mr. Longface's croquet court, she's been very busy.

It's then her equipment turns against her and goes haywire. While the other girls find amusement in this, they are pretty shocked by their horrendous hairstyles from the resulting equipment failure. Nevertheless, with Plum saying that it could be a new look for them, they still laugh as Lemon tries to fix everything.

After fixing their hair, the girls head on over to the croquet court and find the door lock, causing Lemon to worry that she's made them late. Strawberry doesn't think so though, and asks for a lift for a better look to find Mr. Longface obsessively cutting the courts grass to perfection, which is why nobody is playing yet. The girls don't see the problem though, and come inside to ask if they can play yet, bu he refuses so that he and the Berrykin assisting him can keep working.

With their plans canceled, Strawberry suggests they go on a picnic and everyone leaves to get ready. Lemon decides not to go though, wanting to do some work at the Salon to make it run a bit smoother. Strawberry offers to bring her some sandwiches later and leaves.

Lemon proceeds to work very late into the night while trying to fix everything when she notices an ad in the nearby magazine. Convinced it could solve her problems, she decides to give it a try.

Time passes and the object she ordered arrives, so she invites the others to come and check out the "Salon-o-matic". Despite her eagerness to see it work, the others are somewhat apprehensive and make Strawberry test it. Just by pressing a button, her hair is washed, dried, styled, and she's given a manicure, which excites everyone else and they request using it as Strawberry spots the magazine nearby.

As Lemon ordered from it she requests permission to borrow it and purchases "The Wonder Waffler", which is supposed to make perfect waffles with the butter and syrup already included. Blueberry proceeds to borrow the magazine as well to find the "Clean-o-matic", which she purchases before giving the magazine to the others.

However, time passes and while things run smoothly, Lemon is pretty bored. She has a lot more time than before and isn't quite sure how to fill it. She tries to find work elsewhere, but she isn't able to keep up; while she does well at the cafe she isn't having any fun, as well as a dance teacher at the Studio, and with the same results at Orange Mart. By now Orange encourages her to try to make a new business if she wishes to work more.

It's then Lemon's Ferry Boat Service is born. In order to support Lemon's career change, the girls pay her daily visits by constantly going on picnics across the lake, which she finds fairly suspicious. Eventually realizing that a ferry isn't actually needed, she asks that they stop going out of their way for her sake, then closes the ferry service down.

Eventually, Blueberry and Orange start to worry and they head back to her place to find her packing her personal belongings. Seeing as she has no way to contribute anymore, Lemon has decided to leave for Berry Big City in hopes of finding work there, but she will come back to visit them some time.

In a last minute effort to keep Lemon from leaving, the girls come with a plan to sabotage their hair and claim it's the Salon-o-matic's fault so that she will realize it was better when she did it. While Lemon easily falls for their trick, they begin to feel badly, leading Blueberry to wonder if Strawberry would have approved of this deception.

Just as things begin returning to normal, Lemon cleans up to spot a bunch of screws hidden beneath a magazine. She recognizes them and realizes that the other girls sabotaged the Salon-o-Matic.

Meanwhile, Strawberry is trying to get Mr. Longface to realize how silly it is trying to make the lawn perfect- eventually ending when she swipes the clippers from him and tries to offer him a chance to go on a picnic and boat ride. She reminds him that everyone cares more about having fun, and about him, than the lawn looking perfect.

It's then she realizes that these are words Lemon could hear right now, just as Lemon is preparing to go. Having only heard about this new, she is shocked and quickly claims there are other ways she can be useful. She goes on to admit that she decided to return the waffle maker, because it's too perfect for her. It lacked that touch she brought to her food when she makes them. This comically leads Blueberry to wonder if she should get rid of the Clean-o-Matic, although Plum is disappointed since she didn't get to use it to clean out the dance studio yet. After reassuring her that she doesn't have to, she resumes clarifying how important Lemon is to them, and how much they love her.

Lemon agrees as Mr. Longface shows up and apologizes for not visiting her Ferry while it was open, but she doesn't mind, asking him for help returning the salon-o-matic to the post office. He agrees, but as they push it out the door the machine suddenly takes off and heads straight to the croquet court. As they chase after it the girls notice the top has popped off, and Lemon quickly apologizes after flipping the switch to shut it off. However, they are surprised to see that it's actually trimmed the lawn perfectly.

Seeing this, Lemon gives Mr. Longface the piece so that he can use it for mowing and he decides to open the croquet court once and for all. In honor of this, they allow Lemon to hit the very first ball and she graciously accepts; only for it to go flying in the wrong direction.


  • Strawberry: Oh. Where do I begin? One, the machine is lousy at conversation, and boy is it useless at giving advice; Two, it doesn't tell you how nice you look or offer any fashion hints; Three, it won't laugh at any of our jokes; Four, it doesn't fit in a sleeping bag for sleepovers, and it won't even respond when you sent it an invitation. How rude; Five, it doesn't have a shoulder to cry on; And six, and this is by far the worst- it never hugs.


Lemon learns the importance of not questioning her self-worth because of a machine that can do her job better. It doesn't replace her or change who she is, and her friends love her the same. It could never replace what she offers.

Meanwhile, the berry girls learn that by deceiving someone to make them feel better can wind up causing them more damage then help. Strawberry learns that sometimes people just need to be reminded that they are appreciated.

Mr. Longface learns a lesson in obsessing over being perfect. In his pursuit of a perfect lawn, he not only hindered progress, but it caused the others to worry about him.


  • When Plum gets her badly messed up hairdo, she resembles a Troll doll.
  • This is the only episode in the series to end with a vignette transition instead of a fade out.
    • This episode shares the same name as a season 2 episode of Shaun the Sheep.
    • The name is based off of a saying Here today gone tomorrow.


  • When Raspberry's hair is wet, it's coloring looks different than in other instances.
  • Lemon mentions returning what is left of her Salon-o-matic. However, realistically speaking most products can only be returned with the whole thing intact.