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Jadeybug is one of the minor characters featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. She is a ladybug and a resident of Berry Bitty City. She works as a clerk in the post office.

Jadeybug is voiced by Nicole Oliver, who also voices Doctor Hazel Nutby.


Jadeybug is very nice and polite, but absent-minded and clumsy. She has difficulty to remember where the stampers are, since she puts them in various places, even inside her lunchbox or on top of her mailman's hat. She comforts Strawberry in "Strawberry's House Pest" about how her cousins have been kicked out of every place they've ever stayed and that she was the first to not kick them out, they've always been that way. She has so many stamps to keep track of, she accidentally stamps a package to be delivered to a different town with too many stamps which are also the wrong stamps until she finds the correct one.


Jadeybug's skin is colored with pale and dark purple stripes. She has dark purple hair-like markings framing her head resembling a single curled bang and side parts. Her face is light pink in color. She has blue eyes, red lips and a mole on her upper lip. She has curled antennae and two pairs of wings: the bottom wings are transparent blue, and the top wings are red with blue spots. She wears large earrings, a green scarf and red shoes. During work hours, she wears white cuffs and a mailman's hat with a strawberry sticker. On social events, she wears bracelets and high-heeled red shoes.


  • (stamping a package with various stamps) "Fragile... This end up... Return to sender..."
  • (finding the "Don't drop this package" stamp) "I've been looking for that one for months."
  • (answering the telephone) "Berry Bitty City post office... we do the berry best we can... Jadeybug speaking."
  • (Stamping letters with the "Extra-special, super-urgent, ultra-fast delivery" stamper) "They'll be delivered faster than you can say!"
  • (at the pre-screening of Blueberry's Icy Skites commercial) "I made it! Can you believe it, girls? Jadeybug from the post office is gonna be a star!"


  • Jadeybug appears occasionally in Season 1, but seldom in seasons 2, 3 and 4.
  • She makes her first appearance in "The Berry Best You Can Bee".
  • She is Kadiebug and Sadiebug's cousin, but does not behave the way they do, on the contrary.
  • She can fly, but does it very rarely ("The Big Freeze").
  • She keeps the stamper "Extra-special, super-urgent, ultra-fast delivery" stamp in a special ornate box.
  • She brings to work apples and cupcakes in her lunchbox.
  • She has a hobby of needlepointing ("How You Play the Game").