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Lemon Meringue




Owner of Lemon Salon

Theme Colors

Yellow, light blue, green


Lemon Wedge



Voice Actress

Andrea Libman (Canada)
Rebeca Aponte [season 1], Judith Noguera [seasons 2-3], Sixnalie Villalba [season 4] (Latin America)
Pamella Rodrigues (Brazil)
Justyna Kabała [seasons 1-3], Marta Dylewska [season 4] (Poland)

Lemon Meringue is one of Strawberry Shortcake's good friends and main character of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Always up-to-date with the latest gossip and trends -when she's not starting her own- Lemon Meringue is a chipper Berry Girl who loves her job as much as she loves hanging out with her friends.


Lemon has light skin with turquoise eyes and long blonde hair. Most of her bangs are brushed to the right with a lemon wedge hair clip at the corner, her forelocks are segmented with green bows. Her lips are a neutral pink shade.

Casually, Lemon wears a yellow quarter-sleeve top with white frill accents, a lemon design on the lower corner, and a green bow wrapped around the chest. This is paired with a light blue pleat skirt featuring a lemon on the bottom, yellow and white striped leggings, and yellow strapped flats.

In Season 3 and Season 4 she sometimes wears her hair in a pair of braids held with bows. She also began wearing a different outfit for casual outings now and then, consisting if a gold an white striped tank-top and pale green shorts with floral print and pale blue accents. Depending on the situation she wore pale green flats or yellow sneakers with white socks.


A perky, sweet Berry Girl whose easily excitable and likely to get carried away by whatever trend she's attempting to emulate or set; she loves to get the creative juices flowing and can find inspiration in all sorts of things. She has a perky nature and is usually upbeat and ready for anything, encouraging the others through sheer determination or lifting their moods through other means.

Besides creative hobbies, she is also very feminine and enjoys going out shopping and doing makeup, but she doesn't mind rougher activities such as sports or hiking either. But she also cares a lot for her personal appearance- to the point of refusing to leave home if something were to happen.

She is well-meaning, but at times she can show a somewhat ditzy or forgetful side, and she can be clumsy. She is also somewhat sensitive and emotional, to the point of acting dramatic, and she can surprisingly become very competitive, choosing to isolate herself from the others to focus on her goals or accusing them of jealousy or sabotage if something goes wrong.

Official Hub Profile

Lemon Meringue owns the Lemon Salon. Lemon Meringue is very pretty and loves to fix people's hair and nails. Her salon is always busy and filled with laughter. Maybe that's why Lemon Meringue is always the first to know about anything that happens in town.


Lemon is an all-around stylist. Besides doing ones hair, she also covers facials and manicures and spends most of her time trying to come up with creative new inventions that focus on ones beauty or appearance. She's managed to create shampoo, soaps, lotions, perfumes, soaks, and trendy things like new hairstyles and nail art.


  • Strawberry: Lemon is often depicted with Strawberry through various sources. She usually goes to her in times of advice because she appreciates her honesty and respects her opinions.
  • Raspberry: Raspberry and Lemon are berry best friends! They have similar interests in fashion and girly, sweet, personalities. They often work together, because fashion and hair go hand in hand. They are both creatively inclined and love to focus on a berry girl's physical appearance. Sometimes they work wonderfully together and sometimes they argue, since they are so similar -which they maturely acknowledge- but they can overcome it, and they create wonderful new things. Lemon can always count on Raspberry, as shown during "High Tech Drama", when Raspberry encouraged Lemon after she became disappointed nothing was going as she planned. Lemon and Raspberry are often seen standing next to each other, in books and the show, and often are seen talking together in the background. Lemon and Raspberry also go places together, and sometimes seem to be joined at the hip! It's quite possible that Lemon and Raspberry are secretly dating. They were also best friends in the 2003 series, and moved to Strawberryland together.
  • Blueberry: Despite their difference in personalities they show a good friendship, always willing to help the other without a second thought. Blueberry often explains things to Lemon and answers her questions.
  • Plum: Lemon understands Plum's competitive nature and tries to correct or help her as a friend.
  • Orange: She isn't shown interacting with her as much as Strawberry or Raspberry, but they are shown to be good friends when interacting.
  • Cherry: Lemon admired Cherry very much and was happy when Cherry arrived in Berry Bitty City. But when she realized that Cherry just wanted friends, Lemon, together with the other Berry girls, quickly befriended her. Lemon and Cherry are good friends and supportive of one another since then.
  • Apple Dumplin: Lemon is a close friend with Apple, who helps to bring some of her more creative ideas to life. They have some similarities in personality and get along well.
  • Sweet and Sour Grapes: Lemon is genuinely impressed with their cooking talents, although she dislikes how argumentative they originally were.


  • "It's sensational."
  • "Mmmm... Lemony."


  • Lemon likes to watercolor.
  • Lemon is the only Berry Girl of the cast to have always been depicted with the same personality/traits in each incarnation of the series thus far.
  • In Season 4, her hair became more vibrant.
  • Lemon is the second character with a My Little Pony G4 VA, with Andrea Libman voicing Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.
  • She's the only Berry Girl to share her voice actress with another, this being Sweet Grapes.
  • She can play the bass guitar.
  • Lemon is implied to be left-handed or ambidextrous. She plays her bass guitar with her left hand, but she's shown to use her right dominantly.
  • She is one of the only two characters (alongside Strawberry) to appear in all 65 episodes of the series.
    • Unlike Strawberry, she did not speak in all of them.


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