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Nothing to Fear but Berries Themselves





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Oct 28, 2010

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"Nothing to Fear but Berries themselves" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


A Galumphalot frightens Orange during a blackout at Berry Bitty City. While waiting for the lights to come back on, her friends attempt to prove to her that it isn't real.

Episode Review

Blueberry is telling a scary story to the baby Berrykins about the Galumphalot but instead of scaring them, they simply laugh it off as Orange comes by to pick up something from the Cafe. Strawberry, who was making said thing suggests she sticks around for the story but Orange hesitates before leaving quickly.

Later that night, the girls are at Lemon's salon, having a special hair party until all of the power in town goes out. Orange is in the middle of a panic attack while Strawberry believes she may

BB City at night.

know what the problem is. So she heads out to the Berry Works in hopes of investigating what may have happened. They realize there must be an error in one of the sections and Mr. Longface comes to help the Berrykins.

At the salon, Blueberry thinks they should go outside to see if they can help with anything. But Orange is too frightened and tries to cover it as Lemon comforts her. Everyone finds it strange since Orange usually isn't afraid of anything, but she goes on to mention it was Blueberry's story she had been telling the baby Berrykins that scared her.  Blueberry apologies and tries to tell her it's not real, since it came from her Fiction section but Orange doesn't buy it and refuses to leave. Raspberry tries to assure that its not there, considering she's been in the dark a lot of the time and has yet to see one, and Blueberry keeps claiming it to be silly.

Soon hearing a loud, rusty sound it's revealed to be a Berrykin with a giant screwdriver trying to solve the problem. The noise soon comes to a stop as Blueberry is still trying to assure the girls that nothing is wrong when a new sound begins.

Back at the Works, Mr. Longface suggests they bring in the big

BB City at night (w/Mr. Longface).

bolt remover but still nothing works. The girls begin to think the Galumphalot is approaching so they all hide.

At the works, Strawberry arrives and asks about the issue. Mr. Longface claims they will need to remove the entire thing, then rebuild it but she mentions they may be able to do it on their own instead, but seeing how sad he looks she tells him to go and inform everyone that the power will be out for just a bit longer. After he leaves, the Berrykins quickly realize it's just a segment that needs to be fixed and upon opening it, they pull out a strawberry, which had been apparently jamming the works.

Back at the salon, the power is still out due to the light switch being down when Raspberry ask if the Galumphalot plans to come there next when Plum mentions it may be hungry, and Orange is worried that it might be hungry for food that tastes like them. However, Blueberry scoffs at the very idea, stating she's never read anything that said Galumphalots eat food that tastes like them, but then gets scared when she realizes that she's also never read anything that said Galumphalots DON'T eat food that tastes like them. Outside a trap suddenly falls down on poor Mr. LongFace. Lemon mentions that it came from Orange's store. The girls look from the door's window when she mentions they must defend the Salon. Though Plum mentions it may be smarter to just run and hide.

Blueberry suggests they defend the store by setting booby traps. Plum gets a bucket of water, opens the door slightly and places the bucket right above the door. Blueberry goes on to say they must knock the Galumphalot off balance. Lemon has the perfect mixture and begins to smear it onto the floor. Blueberry also adds they then need a way to rid of it. The girls then determine a way to get rid of the Galumphalot by releasing a very tightly pulled rope made of their hair elastics. Lemon panics as the creature in question knows her name. Poor Mr. Longface, who finally managed to free himself of Orange's trap, comes inside. The girls put their plan into action: the bucket falls on Mr. Longface's head; he slips on the gel; using the rope, the girls throw him outside. The girls cheer triumphantly, but then Orange asks what they should do when it returns.

Back with Strawberry she tries to figure out why the girls didn't show up when Mr. Longface appears with a bucket over his face as he trips over a tool. He explains that a Galumphalot was at Lemon's, having no clue that he was the figure they thought was the Galumphalot. The Berrykins try to assure him it's not real, but he claims it was and they need to do something, and asks if anyone has a plan. The Berrykins respond by running off and getting small butterfly nets which Mr. Longface disapproves of since this is a Galumphalot they're dealing, so they run off and get only slightly bigger nets which Mr. Longface says is much better, so they go in search of it with their butterfly nets.

Meanwhile, Raspberry is listening when she hears the Berrykins making little noises, which causes the girls to worry that it may be there more when they go to defeat it. But just as Strawberry stops them, the girls realize it was only the Berrykins. She ask why the Salon's lights were off, for Lemon to realize that someone must have left the light switch down, instead of up. Orange apologizes, as she feels it was her fault that everyone panicked and got frightened. Strawberry helps her see that a Galumphalot isn't really there by saying that if its not there in the light, it won't be there at night. And if she can imagine the Galumphalot being scary, then she can imagine it being funny too.

As everyone heads inside, Lemon offers to continue with their salon plans when she accidentally hits her light switch once more, causing everyone to panic for a second before she turns on the light again and apologizes. The next day everyone is shown hanging out together at the Gazebo and a small montage goes by as a song plays and the episode ends with everyone at the Berry Works.


  • Orange: I'm afraid of the things that might be out there in the dark.
  • Lemon: Things? What things? Uh, like the moon and stars?
  • Orange: Things like... well... Galumphalots!
  • Raspberry, Lemon, Plum, Blueberry: (gasp) Woogie, woogie, woogie! Woogie, woogie, woogie!
  • (Orange is scared)
  • Blueberry: Okay guys, stop, she's serious!


  • Raspberry: Out there...
  • Plum: Outside...
  • Orange: In the... dark!
  • Blueberry: Oh c'mon, this is silly!
  • (they scream when they hear squeaking)


  • (the girls hear strange noise from outside - the noise made by the Berrykins who are fixing the power)
  • Lemon: Do you think... t-t-that's one of... them?
  • Orange: Uh-huh!
  • Blueberry: Now wait a minute! How can we be sure that's a Galumphalot?
  • Plum: Yeah! I thought they'd sounded more like... woogie, woogie, woogie!
  • Orange: Well, w-whatever it is, let's keep it outside and... and... and us inside!
  • Blueberry: Wait!
  • (it becomes quiet)
  • Blueberry: See, it stopped. Galumphalot...(sneers) there's no such thing!
  • (the strange noise sounds again. The girls are frightened)


  • (the Berrykins fail to open the pipe)
  • Mr. Longface: Oh. Stubborn, eh? Well, nothing left to do but disassemble this entire juice pipe junction and rebuild it from the ground up.
  • (the Berrykins seem to disapprove of the idea)
  • Strawberry: You know, Mr. Longface, the Berrykins might be able to find the way to get the pipe open on they're own.
  • Mr. Longface: (slightly offended) Without my leadership? But then... what will I do?
  • Strawberry: I have another job that is berry important.
  • Mr. Longface: (gasps) You don't say? At your service, Ms. Shortcake. How can I help?
  • Strawberry: We need someone to tell everyone in Berry Bitty City that the Berrykins are working on the problem, and the power will be out for a bit longer. You are just the caterpillar to deliver the news.
  • Mr. Longface: That I am! I'm on my way! (leaves)


  • Plum: Let me handle it. I'm a pro at this.
  • (Plum grabs a bucket)
  • Plum: First, get one bucket of water
  • (Plum fills the bucket with soap water. Then she opens the door)
  • Lemon, Orange, Blueberry, Raspberry: NO!!!
  • Plum: It's the only way!
  • (Plum grabs a chair and puts the bucket of water on top of the door)
  • Plum: When the Galumphalot comes in... whammo!


  • Raspberry: Aha!
  • Orange: Whatcha got?
  • Raspberry: A headache, I think I'm thinking too hard...
  • Orange: Wait, I have it! Anyone have a hair elastic?
  • Lemon: I do!
  • Raspberry: Right here!
  • Plum: I got a couple!
  • Blueberry: I got one!


  • Mr. Longface: Lemon, are you in there?
  • Lemon: It knows my name!
  • Lemon, Raspberry, Plum, Blueberry: GALUMPHALOT!


  • Strawberry: WAIT! What's going on? (looks at Lemon's Salon) Lemon, why are the lights in your salon still out? The Berrykins fixed the juice pipe junction a while ago!
  • Lemon: The power's back on? (turns on the lights in her salon) Oh, bitter berries, I had the lights switched off. Sorry girls!
  • Strawberry: What is this all about?
  • Plum: There was a Galumphalot.
  • Raspberry: And we booby trapped it.
  • Blueberry: But it came back!
  • The Berrykins: No! That was us!
  • Mr. Longface: (clears his throat) And um... me, I'm afraid!
  • Strawberry: But it's just a story!
  • Berrykin #1: Woogie, woogie, woogie!


  • Strawberry: The Galumphalot story! You should stick around to hear the end.
  • Orange: Ah, n-no thank you. The beginning and the middle are enough for me.


  • Orange: On the count of three. One... two...
  • Blueberry: On three? Or after you say three?
  • Raspberry: Oh! You know I was wondering the same thing.
  • Lemon: Me too. I'd hate for you to run out on three, and I was left waiting here for you to say three.
  • Plum: Maybe we can go out on four. Four's a good number.


Orange learns that not all stories are true and that she shouldn't let her imagination get the best of her. She also learns that talking to someone will make you feel better, rather than fear they will make fun of you.


  • Plum wore her hair down almost the entire episode, except for ending.
  • The episode title is a pun on the idiom "There is nothing to fear but fear itself". 


  • When the Berrykins remove the bucket off Mr. Longface's head, his hat is not on his head. A moment later, the hat is on his head. 

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