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You can never be too organized.
Orange Blossom




Owns Orange Mart

Theme Colors

Orange, White, Peach


An orange and white flower with a small orange.



Voice Actress

Janyse Jaud (Canada)
María José Estévez [seasons 1-3], Mayela Pérez [season 4] (Latin America)
Érika Menezes (Brazil)
Joanna Domańska (Poland)

Orange Blossom is one of Strawberry Shortcake's good friends and main characters of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Brave, bold, and adventerous, Orange Blossom is always up for a new challenge. A good friend with a lot to offer, especially at Orange Mart.


Orange Blossom has brown skin with peach lips and auburn eyes. Her brunette hair is loose with slight, small curls, worn with a barrette of a white and orange flower with an orange on it.

She casually wears a white frilly shirt with an orange and peach tank-top that has a smaller variant of her icon on the corner, a skirt resembling an orange wedge lined in peach, peach boots with orange accents and design, and a pair of white and goldenrod striped leggings.

At times, Orange will pull her hair into a low ponytail over the shoulder. During season 3 and 4, she began to wear a white top with orange sleeves and a lighter orange print, orange pleat skirt, and white leggings with pale orange stripes, her shoes a pair of light orange flats. She also wore a similar outfit but with gold pants and a pair of white and gold sneakers accented in orange.


Orange is known for bravely charging into things head-first with full determination and the will to prove herself at whatever task she's trying to accomplish. She can be stubborn and impulsive, but she is also very friendly and warm and will ultimately put the need of others above her own. She creatively enjoys coming up with new devices to ensure everything runs smoothly, and she prefers to be organized and tidy, which can sometimes distract or disorient her if things were be thrown out of order or go wrong.

At times she can be sensitive, usually worrying that others lack faith in her or don't believe she can be trusted whenever they show doubt or concern for the plans or goals she sets. She also struggles when it comes to admitting that she may be wrong or need help.

Official Hub Profile

Orange Blossom runs the Orange Mart in Berry Bitty City, and she's always ready with a smile to help her customers. She always says you can't put a price on helping others.


Orange is a lot like Strawberry, in that she is possesses natural leadership skills. She is very brave and likely to be the first to react or charge forward, encouraging the others when it mostly counts. She prefers things to be fun and fair, although she may struggle to keep the balance now and then. She is open to new ideas and is always willing to hear others out though, and because of her experience running her shop she is very good at organizing and has great memory skills. She is also very inventive and likes creating new things.


  • Strawberry: Good friends who often hang out together and show a lot in common. Orange strongly trusts Strawberry's judgement and decisions, and usually needs her help to be pointed in the right direction.
  • Lemon
  • Blueberry
  • Plum:
  • Raspberry: Orange and Raspberry appear to be good friends.
  • Cherry: Like the others, Orange was initially a groupie and treated Cherry as a star until realizing how upset it made her. She went on to earnestly befriend her after.
  • Huckleberry:
  • Marmalade: Her lovable puppy that Orange adoringly speaks to.
  • Sweet and Sour Grapes:
  • Apple:


  • "Thank you for shopping at Orange's General Store, where there's a place for everything, and a thing for every place!"


  • She plays a violin, a tambourine, and a keyboard.
  • She is the only African-American Berry girl.
  • In the pilot movie, Orange's eyes seemed more orange than brown, as depicted in the series.
  • This is the only series where Orange lacks thick, puffy hair worn in an up-do.
  • She was the only Berry Girl who wore boots regularly, followed by Sour in season 4.
  • Her voice actress voiced G3 Pinkie Pie.
  • She is the only main character whose full name is not a type of dessert, or food in general.


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