Mart Outside

Orange Mart

Orange Mart is a general store run by Orange Blossom, who lives there with her puppy Marmalade. It sells just about everything- from canned goods to fresh fruits to toys, and even equipment or home building supplies.

It is located to the right of Berry Bitty City, next to Plum's dance studio. It is surrounded by large daisies, red tulips, and a variety of actual oranges.


Orange Mart is themed around the Orange, with bright hues coming in orange, pale yellow, peach, and forest green.

The building is a rectangle with the roof resembling an orange cut in half down the middle. The bottom is octagon shaped with windows on each side lined by pale orange or orange with the window visible, or a bright green pair of shutters to match the double door on front of the building. The building itself is a very pale yellow with an awning of green and ivory striping. A row of steps sits before the doors and are held by peach-orange material. Surrounding the shop are various sized oranges, purple flowers in peach pots, and containers of various fruits.



Inside Orange Mart

Due to Orange's seriousness when it comes to organizing things, she keeps the Mart equally organized.

The inside is mostly bright goldenrod with accenting of fresh greens, peach, and pale peach.

At the back of the store, there is another door and on the left is a small booth which Jadeybug or the other mail delivery bugs collect people's mail from. The back wall is decorated with tools. The counter is located at the front left of the store, next to the chalkboard which can be seen both inside and outside, with a few cabinets and built-in shelves and a large window in the centre of the wall. On the right side of the store, there is a semicircle-shaped window in between two built-in shelves and a small one underneath it. In the centre of the store are small, but long shelves. 

Orange has not been shown in her bedroom yet, so it is unknown which door may lead to it. It is also unknown if there may be a second floor or not.


  • Orange Mart is the only shop with more than one work place within it, this being the post office, which is run by various insect staff members.