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When I win, I don't want to have to share the glory.
Plum Pudding




Owner of Sweet Beats Studio

Theme Colors

Purple, Powder Blue


A plum



Voice Actress

Ashleigh Ball (Canada)
Yensi Rivero [season 1], Adriana Tamayo [season 2], Ivanna Ochoa [seasons 3-4], Kelly Viloria [3 last episodes] (Latin America)
Jéssica Marina (Brazil)
Dominika Rei [seasons 1-3]
Marta Dobecka [season 4] (Poland)

Plum Pudding is one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends and a main characters of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


A carefree berry girl who loves to dance. She can be competitive but above all else she wants her friends to have a good time.


Plum has a faint tan to her skin, with purple eyes and pale violet lips. Her long purple hair is worn up in a curled ponytail held by a blue scrunchie with two plums. She has a short curled strand on each side of the head and thick bangs, mostly parted to one side.

Usually, Plum wears a lavender and powder blue dress with plum design and light blue belt, paired with a plum quarter-sleeve bolero that has a powder blue bow hanging from a plum. She also wears lavender and white striped tights, plum leg warmers, and purple ballet flats with plum ornament.

At times she may be seen with her hair loose. For casual outings during season 3 and 4, she began wearing alternate clothing. Such as a white top with a plum design, sky blue short-shorts, indigo leggings, and powder blue flats. She also had a version consisting of lavender short-shorts and sneakers of powder blue and purple with white accent.


Plum is friendly and lively; full of pep with a perky spring in her step. She's the most tomboy like of the main cast. Her energetic nature encourages the others, while her warm heart allows her to comfort those in distress or try to help them. She's the type of girl to go with the flow and joke around, usually not taking many things seriously, to the point that she might accidentally frustrate other people because she forgot her manners, or she didn't do something like she should have. She enjoys playing pranks, but not mean-spirited ones.

However, when it comes to dancing Plum shows how strongly her passion is for it. She loves to express herself through dance and encourages others to do the same, and it's often shown to be on her mind in some shape or form. She is also athletic and sporty, she loves getting the chance to move around.

When it comes to thing's like dance, Plum can show a particularly nasty competitive streak. She is hot-blooded and can easily be angered whenever it comes to others not performing their best or struggling when it comes to competition or stage performance, so she might often push others past their limitations without realizing it. She always means well, but she's likely to become blinded by her desire to win, or wanting to ensure everyone has their best time.

Official Hub Profile

Always on the move, Plum seems to hear a happy dance beat wherever she goes. Plum's kind heart and quirky ways makes her a favorite friend in Berry Bitty City.


As a dancer, Plum has studied many forms of it and is shown easily adapting when she needs to switch routine's mid-performance or practice. She also gives lessons in dance, as well as teach exercise, and help others relax their muscles and unwind.

Plum also appears to be good at sports and enjoys them on a regular basis with her friends.


  • Raspberry: They seem to be close and show up together fairly often. Usually when one of them has a problem, the other notices and tries to help fix things. Raspberry made Plum a beautiful ball gown for the recital in "Practice Makes Perfect". Raspberry often does nice things for plu,
  • Strawberry: They are close friends. They trust each other enough for Plum to go to Strawberry when she wants to confide in someone, while Strawberry knows Plum is dependable and tries to help keep her grounded.
  • Blueberry: She isn't often seen with her outside of the group.
  • Orange: She can sometimes be found with Orange when not with the group.
  • Lemon: They often aren't depicted together, most-likely because of contrasting hobbies or personalities. Sometimes when Lemon is with Raspberry, Plum is with them too since she wants to hang out with Raspberry mainly.
  • Cherry: Plum initially idolized Cherry and treated her as a celebrity until realizing how upset it made her. She quickly befriended her following this, although she initially thought Cherry would be hard on her as a celebrity with musical experience. They later bonded easily, over their shared love of music and dance. Plum is probably Cherry's second best friend. They are pretty close and often dance together.
  • Huckleberry: Plum isn't too close to Huck but they like each other. She befriends Huck when he auditions for Prince Charming in "Berryella and Prince Charming". She also teaches him to dance, despite how frequently he stepped on her feet. In "Doggie Dance No-Show" she was grateful that Huckleberry offered Tom Tom for her performance and she gave him a friendly hug.
  • Pitterpatch: A dog she adopts in Season 3. She was shown to have trained him fairly quick.
  • Sweet and Sour Grapes:
  • Apple Dumplin:


  • "Pupcake's the thief? It's always the cute ones..."
  • "And when I find out who has done this, they will have to answer to the wrath of Plum!!!"
  • "Pitterpatch doesn't need a leash."


  • In the previous series, Blueberry was a dramatic girl with an interest in dance, while Plum was the reserved and bookish type, based on her original personality. In this series, their personalities were switched.
  • Plum is the only girl who wears her hair up at all times, except for very rare occasions.
  • She is the only girl to wear leg warmers on a regular basis.
  • Despite how much she dances, practices, and twirls, she gets dizzy fairly easy.
    • She is also shown to get stage fright despite being a performer who has performed before an audience.
  • It is revealed in "Too Cool for Rules" that she likes Gooseberry Pie.
  • In "Berryella and Prince Charming", the ringtone of her cellphone is the song "Anything is Possible".
  • Plum's voice actor also voices Rainbow Dash and Applejack from G4 My Little Pony.
    • She is the second Berry girl with a current my little pony voice actress, following Lemon.
  • She can play the drums.
  • In certain official art, the sleeves of her top are full length.


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