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Pop Goes the Garden





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Oct 18, 2010

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"Pop Goes the Garden" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Blueberry 'orders flower seeds but is accidentally given Corn seeds. But while she struggles to accept that anyone could make such a mistake, Strawberry attempts to discover what went wrong with a new recipe she's trying.

Episode Review

Watering her newly obtained daisies, Blueberry admires them as Strawberry comes by to pick up the book "The Mighty Muffin Cook Book, Big Recipes for Bitty Bakers" she ordered.

Returning home, Strawberry decides to make some corn muffins using a recipe in the book. She starts by measuring everything out, but after mixing it together and putting it into the oven- it begins to shake and rumble until it abruptly sputters mixture everywhere. The girls rush to Strawberry's aid and stay by the Cafe to lend her a hand. She wonders where the mistake could have been, saying she followed the recipe exactly, when Blueberry brushes her off by saying there was probably an oversight she made. Strawberry is skeptical, but she decides to try again, this time double-checking everything.

Later, Blueberry decides to pay her daisies a visit again when she overhears the panic coming from the Cafe and rushes back again, this time finding Strawberry hiding behind a table. She brings up that lately her oven hasn' been working; and this time she only tried to make a single muffin. Thankfully, with less mess this time the clean-up doesn't take the girls very long. Plum attempts to ease the mood by making a joke, suggesting Strawberry call the new recipe "Muffin surprise" or "Muffin explosion". While the problem is minor, Strawberry knows this time for sure that she did everything right. She wonders if the book could be wrong, but Blueberry quickly claims that it has to something she did. Strawberry decides to give it one more try. If she has to, she'll just modify the recipe. Blueberry agrees with this idea.

Some time passes and she takes off to check her new daisies again, with the others deciding to join her. However, the daisies look strange. Unsure of why, they pay a visit to Berrykin Bloom, who informs them that she didn't plan daisy seeds; she planted corn seeds. Stunned, Blueberry insists they have to be
daisies, because that's what she ordered. Strawberry attempts to tell her that the delivery people might have made a mistake and brings up that she called the author of that cook book to bring up the problems she was having. She asked if it could have been the amount of baking soda used, causing the author to realize that during the publishing phase, he accidentally wrote the recipe down wrong. The quantity of baking soda should have been one tablespoon- not one cup. He was so happy to have this oversight discovered that he planned on reissuing the book, and will be sending her a special autographed copy.

Since then she's tried the newly revised recipe and they came out perfectly fine this time. Even if Blueberry did everything right, there can still be a mistake made by someone else. With that bit of advice Strawberry leaves to get back to baking, but Blueberry remains doubtful.

Later, Blueberry attempts to call the company she ordered from but she struggles understanding the man on the phone. He is convinced she ordered corn and looks on the order form, but Blueberry eventually worn out, Blueberry is unable to make him understand and happens to notice how large the corn has gotten. The man overhears her, and by now he realizes that some of their experimental corn seeds accidentally got packed into a packet for daisy seeds; and she just happened to get that very packet. To make it up to her, he offers to send her a years worth of daisy seeds, which Blueberry happily accepts before ending the call. 

But now they're left trying to figure out what to do with the corn wreaking havoc on the city. It's too large and it's causing problems, although they are thankful nobody got hurt.

The following morning, Strawberry has a meeting and everyone tries to suggest an idea on how to rid of it. Orange mentions they should just pop it to get it used up, and Raspberry shyly suggests that they hold a popcorn party. Everyone likes this idea until Blueberry reminds them that with how big it is, it could still be problematic because the seed company is still trying to figure out how to take the bang out of the pop. Raspberry attempts to work on her idea, then says they should dig up the corn remnants to make sure no more will grow back, then they can figure out from there.

Everyone agrees and they gather rope to try pulling the corn out of the ground. But when they realize they didn't think about where to put it they are forced to stop, unaware of the corn rolling down the hill and straight for a nearby cave entrance until it's too late. Strawberry and Blueberry attempt to stop it and are pulled inside with it.

Inside the girls take notice of the warm, steamy smoke surrounding them. Blueberry informs Strawberry that there must be an underground hot spring nearby and they attempt to call for help. But when nobody responds, the girls tiredly decide to take a break as the time passes. Hungry and lonely, the girls lament being unprepared for this type of situation, with Blueberry feeling sad over this ordeal. Strawberry suggests improvising with what they got, so they try to use the corn as a ladder- although the steam has made it slippery. Blueberry then points out that they could eat the corn, but she isn't too sure it's okay raw, until they remember the steam. The girls pluck off piece of corn and put them near the steam source to watch as it suddenly pops into a large piece of popcorn.

As the group continue looking for the girls, Raspberry comes up with an idea that they try to start looking in places that wouldn't make any sense. They have already checked the most obvious places, so maybe they ended up somewhere they wouldn't be normally.

Enjoying their snack, Blueberry suddenly gets an idea. They have plenty of corn kernels left, and if they pop them all, it should help them be able to reach the hole they fell through, allowing them to escape. Quickly, the duo stack up the kernels and as the corn pops, they climb to the top of the pile and manage to reach surface as the girls spot them nearby. With everyone reunited, they work together to resume removing the corn from Berry Bitty City, happily singing along the way. They decide to hold a party to celebrate their success.


  • Blueberry: It must've been something I did to the daisy seeds. Too much water, or too little water. Or too much sun or something.
  • Berrykin Bloom: Oh my. You did everything right. Best crop of corn I've seen. Bet you'd be a natural with squash.




As a scholarly type who learns from reading, Blueberry is unable to come to terms that official resources like a company or book could ever be flawed. Nobody is perfect though, and she eventually realizes that even they can make mistakes. Instead of trying to deny it, she should have been trying to improve the problem or directly contact the source and fix it.


  • While Blueberry is on the phone, a magazine with Strawberry on the front can be seen nearby.
  • Kadiebug and Sadiebug cameo at the end of the episode.


  • With what kernels of corn were left, the girls had a bigger pile of popcorn than what one cob could have provided.