Princess Berrykin is one of the Berrykins in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.

She is voiced by Andrea Libman, who also voices Lemon and Sweet.


Princess Berrykin is a "Strawberry Berrykin", having a pink themed head with big green eyes. She wears a pink tiara with a strawberry sticker, and holds a green-white striped sceptre with a red round jewel and a green star (mostly in her right hand). Princess Berrykin has a British accent.


She is a berry important Berrykin, who rules the Berrykins with pride!


  • "Oh, how, unbecoming!"
  • "Strawberry? Are you here? There's a problem, I fear" (gasps)



  • She is introduced in "Sky's the Limit".
  • She appears occasionally in seasons 1-3. In Season 4 she appears seldom, and without speaking lines.
  • She had a different tiara in "A Basket of Blue Berries".
  • She does not like pineapples.
  • She has a different sceptre in "Manners Meltdown".
  • She and Berrykin Bloom are the only minor characters who appear in all four seasons.
  • She is the third only character to voice one or more voiced roles.
  • Her last debut is on The Berry Big Tale Teller, but in the last few episodes of season 4 she does not anymore appear on this show according to the actress getting older at this time which was officially confirmed. Her voice actress recently guest starred on a live action, thriller series called The X Files.
  • She is also the only character on the series to get a foreign accent.


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