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I just figure, what's the point of doing something unless it's the best?

Raspberry Torte




Owner of Fresh Fashions Boutique

Theme Colors

Raspberry, Magenta, Pastel Green


A Raspberry



Voice Actress

Ingrid Nilson (USA/Canada)
Melanie Henríquez [seasons 1-3], Mariagny Álvarez [season 4] (Latin America)
Hannah Buttel (Brazil)
Agnieszka Fajlhauer (Poland)

Raspberry Torte is one of Strawberry Shortcake's best friends and main characters in the series.


The sweetheart fashionista with a fresh outlook. She loves designing new outfits with inspiration from those closest to her.


Raspberry has fair skin with pale pink lips and pink-violet eyes. Her long, dark raspberry hair is normally worn with a green headband adorned by a raspberry, her pointed bangs brushed to one side.

Casually, she wears a raspberry and pastel green dress with a raspberry on the band beneath the chest and quarter sleeves. She also wears a purple bolero, white and light pink stripe leggings, and purple flats with light pink sole and foot strap. Some times, she also has raspberry jewelry or a purse.

At times Raspberry will pull her hair into a ponytail or other styles with raspberry ornaments, and during season 3 and 4, she began to wear a different casual outfit consisting of a pink and white striped raspberry top, fuchsia short-shorts, and pink shoes.


Raspberry is sweet and mostly passive, she strongly dislikes arguments or having disagreements with the others, and she can be sensitive. She's easily flustered and somewhat reserved, often worried that the others might think of her ideas as being silly or not worth trying, but she can easily be encouraged. She is artistic and creative, and when she's not working on her own designs, she is often requested to come up with designs for other things.

She is a bit of a perfectionist and may overwork herself if given a window of opportunity that needs her full attention. While she is aware her decisions may worry others, she is determined to get the work done and make sure it's good. But she also cares about the others, and she'll do her best to help them out or encourage them as they do her.

Official Hub Profile

Super stylish Raspberry Torte loves giving fashion advice to all the girls in Berry Bitty City. Raspberry's friends know they can always count on her for the berry latest styles--and true friendship, too!


Besides the fashions she sells at her shop, Raspberry's creativity and ability to whip up designs is usually spent on things like making layouts or decorations. She's talented with a needle and thread, capable of producing six fancy gowns with less than a day's notice. She also has a great palette and can tell what works and what doesn't with ease.

Raspberry also seems to enjoy painting and beginning with Season 2, picked up an interest in playing the piano and keyboard.

Although she is shown being less confident then the others, Raspberry can come up with great ideas and plans. She also has the ability to sense things in others and is usually there to bring it out when they feel down or upset.


  • Strawberry: Strawberry is one of Raspberry's best friends. Whenever she sees Strawberry's efforts, it can leave Raspberry feeling more confident in her abilities. They both have a tendency to point out the good in the other and boost each others confidence.
  • Blueberry: A good friend, Blueberry often confides in Raspberry and is often the first to tell her news. Raspberry knows Blueberry very well and they seem to have a great deal of trust in each other.
  • Orange: When Raspberry feels unsure of herself, Orange is there to help her jump into something new- whether she wants to or not. However, they work pretty well together and have a lot of fun.
  • Lemon: Raspberry and Lemon are berry best friends! They have similar interests in fashion and girly, sweet, personalities. They often work together, because fashion and hair go hand in hand. They are both creatively inclined and love to focus on a berry girl's physical appearance. Sometimes they work wonderfully together and sometimes they argue, since they are so similar -which they maturely acknowledge- but they can overcome it, and they create wonderful new things. Lemon can always count on Raspberry, as shown during "High Tech Drama", when Raspberry encouraged Lemon after she became disappointed nothing was going as she planned. Lemon and Raspberry are often seen standing next to each other, in books and the show, and often are seen talking together in the background. Lemon and Raspberry also go places together, and sometimes seem to be joined at the hip! It's quite possible that Lemon and Raspberry are secretly dating. They were also best friends in the 2003 series, and moved to Strawberryland together.
  • Plum: Another of Raspberry's close friends, they usually go the extra mile to cheer the other up, and they can often be found interacting. While one is quieter than the other, their personalities work well together because of them both being invested in the creative arts.
  • Cherry: After Raspberry was growing famous through the help of Mavis Maraschino, Cherry had been pretty concerned for her. They were able to relate through their creative but somewhat withdrawn personalities, allowing them to understand each other and form a bond.
  • Huckleberry: The little interaction they have together is warm and friendly, but they are not close.
  • Chiffon: A small pink puppy Raspberry gained from Huckleberry. She loves to dress her up and due to her small size, is normally found held by Raspberry or in her purse.
  • Sweet and Sour Grapes: Along with Lemon, Raspberry met the bickering twins first when they arrived to Berry Bitty City. At first, she was concerned over them fighting so much and really wanted to help them as it reminded her of how she and Lemon would sometimes argue.


  • "It's going to be dreamy, magical... dreamagical!"
  • "Did we...? Did you...? Is there...? Oh my...? What did we catch?"
  • "I’m not doing the fashion show without you. We’re a team, Lemon."


  • This is the only Strawberry Shortcake series in which Raspberry wasn't given a rude or somewhat antagonistic personality.
    • In the original Strawberry Shortcake, while she was said to be nice, it was also said that she could be mischievous or cheeky.
    • In the 2nd series, she was a rough and impolite tomboy until befriending Strawberry.
  • She has allergies to certain flowers, including fake ones.
  • She has a habit of combining words when excited.
  • The quilting club is Raspberry's favorite.
  • She often has picnics with Princess Berrykin and Jadeybug.
  • She loves crate paper.
  • She is the only girl who did not receive a new official image on the Hub Page when it updated. The background behind her changed, but her image remained the same.
  • Like Blueberry, some official art changes detail about her outfit.
  • Besides the piano and keyboard, she can also play guitar.
  • Her US/Canada voice actress (Ingrid Nilson) voices Pinkie Pie's 3 sisters: Maude Pie, Limestone Pie, and Marble Pie in My Little Pony G4.