Rocky's Veterinarian Service is Rocky's business co-partnered with Sweet Summer Squash. It is home to himself, Vanilla, Frostie and R9-CC.

First Floor

When you first walk in, is the waiting room. Then there is a door to the left. Through that door, is Rocky's office. In the corner of Rocky's office is a elevator that leads to all floors of Rocky's home

Second Floor

As you leave from the elevator, you look straight at his light up dance floor disco ball on the ceiling and sitting area. To the right corner is the kitchen for Rocky and Vanilla to cook. On the far side of the floor is a table of computers for analyzing data and basic internet use.

Third Floor

As you leave the elevator, you first see a long hallway, with two doors on each side. First doors lead to bathrooms then next pair lead to bedrooms. The one on the left leads to Rocky's room, the one on the right leads to another hallway of regular size bedrooms.


Mostly square like design like a small apartment building


It is the only 3 story building in Berry Bitty Citty.