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Room at the Top



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Nov 12, 2011

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"Room at the Top" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


As the work begins on Strawberry's new room, the other berry girls decide to surprise her by decorating the room themselves. But in the process they forget the most important part of helping a friend...

Episode Review

Strawberry is riding her scooter over to the construction site where the Berrykins have begun work on the new Marketplace. She sees Berrykin Bill working and is informed that it should be done in two weeks as Berrykin Bloom comes by. He tells them about the whole new stock of crops and tells them that they will be ready to sell soon. They do not have too much time left, but Strawberry assures them that they'll be fine as long as they stick to plans and takes off to locate the others and ask them to pitch in.

First she stops by Plum's to see a sign on the door to show she isn't there. The same thing happens when she visits the others, with Blueberry being away for fishing, which Strawberry finds strange since she hates fishing, Orange is on vacation, and Lemon is away. Feeling defeat, Strawberry heads back to her Cafe to resume working on the rough sketches for her new apartment, just above the market. While doing so, she notices Pupcake barking at something outside but doesn't go to see what it is before showing Custard her designs. Custard pushes the pencil so it points at the bed,
showing Strawberry that she forgot something. This encourages Strawberry to get a bit more creative and she resumes designing, voicing her ideas.

Unknown to her, her friends are sitting under the window, listening intently to Strawberry.

It's then the door bell rings, causing Custard to jump off of the table and Strawberry to drop her papers. She bends down to pick them up when she sees her friends and shows surprise as they bring on to reveal they wanted to surprise her by lending a hand in their own way. Strawberry thanks her friends and together the girls rush back to the work sight to find that more has been done since earlier.

Strawberry asks what they can do now, so Berrykin Bill informs Strawberry of the various grout colors for her to pick from. He tells her that as soon as she decides, the framework can be finished after lunch. He asks for her building plans but when Strawberry claims not to be finished, the others get an idea and decide that they will finish her room for her. They voice the plan and Strawberry hesitates before eventually agreeing to it, but she makes them promise to ask her for help should they run into any trouble.

Meanwhile at Berrykin Bloom's, he is busy watering his plants and they all suddenly begin to grow and sprout. He panics and tries to hide the various plants in order to keep them safe, until they can all be sold. Unfortunately, when his house gets too full, he goes out to find other hiding spots.

Later that following evening, the girls are together having a slumber party while discussing what to do with the apartment, when Lemon suddenly mentions hearing a loud creaking sound from outside. The others assure her that its nothing and resume discussing their plans when someone suddenly intervenes, saying they'll need a fresh scent for the room. They try to pick more things "Strawberry" would like; such as a bookcase, dance wall, vanity, and a wardrobe, then call a Tea Break. Blueberry decides that in the morning they can ask Strawberry for opinions.

Strawberry meanwhile, is cleaning her Cafe when she opens the closet door and Pineapples suddenly fall out. She doesn't think much of it and decides to make an upside down sideways cake with it.

As it turns out she isn't the only one plagued by random food finds, with Lemon finding peaches in her cabinet, and Raspberry finding onion in the pockets of a coat she was putting away.

The next day the girls are trying to be very subtle in "helping" Strawberry decide on things they want her apartment to have. Such as Blueberry showing her a drawing of a bookcase, Plum dancing on a construction pole, Lemon asking her if she likes the mirror and brush colors she picked, Orange spraying her scent, and Raspberry just openly showing her wallpaper. Strawberry begins to grow suspicious at this point but says nothing of it.

Later as Blueberry organizes a bookshelf, trying to show how handy it would be when Plum
mentions her uncomfortable feelings with her dance section being so small. Raspberry tries to comfort her by saying the size is perfect when Orange mentions they had to pick a scent. However, the girls all like their own and are unable to decide on which to use, but they spray so much that the entire smell blends through the room and eventually causes an unpleasant environment. In their attempt to rush outside and get some fresh air, they leave behind the drawings Strawberry made.

Back at the building site, Berrykin Bloom is trying to hide more items when he runs into Berrykin Bill. He doesn't reveal the accident that occurred, but tries to tempt Berrykin Bill to win an award if they can finish by tomorrow. So he decides to go for it, telling the other little Berrykins of the new schedule plans.

As this goes on, it is shown that Berrykin Bloom is hiding kiwi underneath some floorboards nearby.

Strawberry heads back to the work site to find that it is almost finished. Berrykin Bill brings up how far ahead of schedule they happen to be, and he claims they shouldn't need to work as hard as they had intended. The others arrive to show Strawberry her newly finished apartment.

Strawberry is quite surprised to see what the girls did. She isn't very happy but knows how much work they put into it, so she has no idea what to do or say. She tries to give it a chance, but hardly anything is what she desired. She assures the girls that she does like it, only to stop upon smelling kiwi. The girls don't understand where this came from and they leave to let Strawberry entirely enjoy the brand new room.

She spots her drawing on the floor and tosses it into the trashcan, now that she has no further use for it. As the floor begins to shake, she runs down to the main floor to see that the ceiling is beginning to fall apart and cave in. The Berrykins are just below it, so Strawberry tries to help them when suddenly, tons of kiwi fall down on them.

Feeling remorseful over this, Berrykin Bloom admits that the plants grew way sooner than he assumed they would. They were ready now - which causes Strawberry to panic and run to inform everyone that they need to be finished by the following day, so everyone resumes working.

Later on, she is busy cooking when Princess Berrykin arrives. She asks Strawberry if she needs any help and Strawberry voices her plans of taking some sandwiches to the workers, causing the Princess to state that Berrykin Bloom should have been honest to begin with. Strawberry listens to this before offering her some of the pineapple Upside-Down Cake she made, but she turns it down, because she does not like pineapple. With that she takes off.

Strawberry realizes what she has to do and she admits her true feelings to her friends. So together they redesign the room with Strawberry in mind, to make sure she enjoys it. As this is going on the Berrykins continue to work on finishing the Market Place and Strawberry apologizes for her dishonesty towards her friends. They assure her that her happiness was what mattered though, with Raspberry bringing up another scent and asking Strawberry to smell it. She agrees that it is perfect for the room.

While lying leisurely in bed, Strawberry watches three shooting stars through the skylight. Then she notices something under her pillow: it is a notebook, with a note enclosed "A place to put down your ideas for the Market Places grand opening celebration". She recalls that the Market Place will be opening very soon and she still needs to plan a Grand Opening Event. With that she gets out of bed and begins to plan, saying to Custard and Pupcake that it's going to be a long night.


  • Strawberry: Good morning, Berrykin Bill.
  • Berrykin Bill: Good morning, Strawberry. And a berry beautiful one it is!


  • Strawberry: It's going to be a long night...


  • Berrykin Bloom: Two weeks! Two weeks! That's all the time we have or else I'll have nowhere to put the peaches, lay the lemons!


  • Strawberry: But hold on, you closed your stores?
  • Blueberry: So we could help you, silly.


  • Lemon: How exciting, putting up the frame!


  • Berrykin Bloom: You're not supposed to bloom yet!


  • Lemon: I keep hearing a creaking sound...
  • Plum: All I hear are the pitiful wails of our ideas being put down.


  • Orange: Blueberry wants a bookcase, Lemon a vanity, Plum a dance spot.
  • Raspberry: A wardrobe will take an entire wall!
  • Plum: And where is she going to dance? In your wardrobe?
  • Raspberry: Just saying.


  • Raspberry: My wallpaper! (sniffs) Oh! That's nice, Blueberry.
  • Blueberry: Why, thank you.


  • Strawberry: What an unusual room fragrance?
  • Raspberry: But... but which one do you like best?
  • Strawberry: All I smell is kiwi... it's... refreshing...
  • Orange: Kiwi?


  • Strawberry: No problem, we can-now?!


  • Princess Berrykin: Tsk tsk, if only Berrykin Bloom had expressed his need at the start. Is there anyway I can help?
  • Strawberry: You can help me by eating this pineapple sideways cake.
  • Princess Berrykin: I'm sorry, but I don't much care for pineapple. But you asking is sweet enough.
  • Strawberry: Thank you Princess, that was a gracious way of saying it.


  • Plum: BLEUGH! It's getting a little powerful in here!
  • Blueberry: Let's take a break!



Strawberry learns the importance of being honest with friends. Giving true opinions rather than hoping for the best isn't going to help anyone, and she sees that giving constructive criticism can help in the long run.

The girls also learn a lesson in thinking more about friends by considering what Strawberry likes, rather than their own personal interests when designing her room. They realized how unhappy she was with their choices because they weren't what she wanted, and in the end were able to make a perfect room she loved.


  • This is the second of 3 episode story arc at the start of the season.
  • It is revealed that Princess Berrykin doesn't like pineapple.
    • This makes her the second character with a known disliked food, following Patty Persimmon, who doesn't like blueberry muffins.
  • As this episode aired, the market really did take a week to build as claimed in the episode, considering one episode airs weekly in real time.
  • The lessons learned by the girls were repeated from "Nice As Nails" and "Happy First Frost".
    • Ironically, the lesson Strawberry learned in this episode was the one she had taught the other girls in "Nice As Nails".


  • When the girls approach the construction site, Lemon's hat has a raspberry sticker on it. In the next scene, it changes to her lemon.
  • Originally, the Berrykins ALL had yellow hard hats on except for the yellow ones, who had green instead. During the middle of the episode, one or two had blue hats, then later in the episode pink was added.
  • When the girls sit under Strawberry's window and listening to what she says while drawing the plans, they wear their ordinary outfits. Then they stand and enter the cafe - suddenly they all wear construction attire.
  • The girls all had their construction attire on, but when they show Strawberry her apartment, it's suddenly missing and they weren't shown taking it off.
  • Realistically speaking, from all of the perfume being sprayed and lack of proper airing systems, the girls should have suffered from illness, but were shown to be fine - other than displeasure from the scents mixing.
  • Strawberry was telling the girls to be honest a few times during Season 1, and continues to preach this throughout the series. Strangely, in this episode, the thought to just be honest right away didn't occur to her like it normally would.