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Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins
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Mar 9, 2013

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Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Plum attempts to direct a play, but it turns into a comical disaster.

Episode Review

Blueberry is telling the little Berrykins the story of Princess Coconut Cupcake: once upon a time, she came across a troll in charge of a bridge that would only allow people to cross with a toll. Coconut Cupcake demanded to be let across, ignoring good manners, much to the amusement of the little Berrykins.

Meanwhile, Strawberry is trying to get Pupcake to heel. He instead runs off, causing Strawberry to fall backwards. She gets up after hearing Blueberry and goes to check on her, finding her in the middle of telling the berrykins the story. Coconut Cupcake is in the middle of insisting she will go and find her own way across the bridge at this point. At this point, the berrykins have taken notice of Strawberry, who apologizes for interrupting. Blueberry claims it to be okay, however, as it is a good part to stop at. The baby berrykins beg for her to keep reading, but Blueberry tells them they're near the end of the first chapter, so they'll find out what happens next time. The baby berrykins leave.

After Blueberry points out how much the Berrykins love to hear the story, Strawberry mentions that Plum has been preparing to put on a play, but she has no idea what to perform. They believe the big book of fairytales can help and they take it right over to her. Plum happily accepts the book as Strawberry comments on how nice it is for her to put on a play for everyone.

Later on, Plum and Orange are playing badminton together when Orange incidentally sends the birdy flying near Cherry, who is nearby relaxing in the sun while reading "Berry Big Glitz & Glamour" magazine. Plum lands on top of her and causes her to drop her magazine. Cherry isn't mad and Plum picks up the magazine to see something inside mention "Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins". Cherry mentions how popular the stage show was back in Berry Big City and this inspires Plum to make an even bigger stage show. Cherry tries to dissuade Plum from turning this into a big deal, as it was just supposed to be a show for the Berrykin children, but Plum doesn't listen.

That night, Strawberry, Cherry, and Lemon have been standing in line to audition for Plum's play. Cherry mentions that she's never had to wait so long and Strawberry informs them that they have been standing in the huge line since before lunch. Strawberry decides to go and find out what the problem is when she sees Orange, Blueberry, and Raspberry dressed up as
Cherry and Lemon are repeating their lines
Princesses. They explain that they chose to dress up in hopes of looking more the part for their auditions. As Strawberry comes inside, Plum is having Berrykin Bonnie try out for the play. She points out that it's really late now, so they should stop auditions. Plum looks outside and admits that she got too distracted and just didn't notice how late it was, so she calls it a wrap for tonight.

The following morning at the Lemon Salon, Raspberry asks Lemon if her hair should look a bit sweeter hairstyle for her role as Snowberry. As Lemon questions this, Cherry and Orange come in and congratulate the two of them for getting starring roles. Raspberry is very happy but she's a little nervous too. Lemon is happy to be playing the berry mean queen, but she's also nervous. Orange reminds them that it's only supposed to be a little play for the children berrykins, when Raspberry points out that Plum has been putting a little bit of pressure on them. As the three speak they begin to wonder how Plum is actually going about things now.

At the stage, Plum is ordering around the berrykins to learn their roles. She points out there is only one last week left so they can't be using their scripts to practice anymore. Strawberry and Blueberry, the design crew come to help out now and Plum quickly gets them to work. Strawberry points out that now Plum is putting things into the play that weren't even there to begin with. Blueberry even asks why it's so important for Plum to make this play bigger and better then the Berry Big City's play. Plum is worried that if it isn't a big deal, the entire city will laugh and make fun of them. She then begins to scold the berrykin workers for their mistake.

At Berry Bitty Cafe, Cherry and Orange express concern in how far Plum is taking this play. As they do, Lemon shows up while in character. She momentarily stops and turns down their request, then mentions that they can't address her as Lemon, since she has to stay in character role. She asks Strawberry for some pancakes, but realizes she has to get going to rehearsal and takes off after Strawberry puts them into a to-go bag. Cherry and Orange resume their concerns, now worried they may not get back the true Lemon after this play is over.

That evening, Plum has Lemon and Berrykin Bloom as the mirror, practicing. They're both worn out and tired but she refuses to let them quit. Plum challenges him by asking him if he remembered his line and he struggles to go through them. Plum then asks them to try again. The next morning, Raspberry is practicing her role as Snowberry. She does fine but when it's up to Marmalade to run onto the stage, it messes up, much to Plum's chagrin. So Raspberry tries to ad-lib until it's time for Cinnapup to run on stage, once again it messes up after she runs over to play with Marmalade. Plum scolds Raspberry for having to ad-lib, but Raspberry points out it wasn't really her fault. Plum decides this is reasonable and she turns to see Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl have finished painting the cottage backdrop. But the berrykins have made two different houses combined together, much to Plum's discontent. Plum is beginning to get worked up at this point, due to all of the drama and problems she keeps running into.

That night, Lemon resumes practicing for her mean queen role, having given herself a wonderfully evil hairstyle and even better makeup. Strawberry and Cherry came to speak to her to see if she wanted to come to book club, but she accidentally scares them.

That following morning, it's time for dress rehearsal. Plum admits to being nervous since Raspberry couldn't sew everybody's costumes because she was practicing her lines, the tidal wave isn't big enough, and the puppies don't look scary enough. Orange (as the narrator) introduces the play and
everyone begins to perform. Later on, Lemon (as the mean queen) complains that the huntsman and poisoned apples couldn't rid of Snowberry, so she'll just have to do it instead. But before she can, the seven berrykins stop in to save the day. All goes well until they end up getting stuck in the air and the tidal wave comes in too early. The stage also falls. The stress finally gets to Plum and she walks away crying.

Later that night, Strawberry finds her putting the scripts into a garbage pale and tries comforting her. She also admits that Plum got a little bit out of hand wanting to make this play wonderful, but it also turned it very stressful and not very fun for everyone else. Plum admits this also, then worries that everyone is mad at her. But Strawberry knows otherwise and she tells Plum that everyone is waiting for her to come back. She suggests to Plum that she tries to perform a smaller play and that everyone loves her, so they'll give her another chance. So Plum goes back to the stage and asks for everyone's help to perform another play. A smaller one that will be strictly dedicated on having fun.

She mentions that she has found a smaller, fun play and they'll begin it the following day. Everyone cheers as the episode comes to an end.


In Plum's attempt to produce a wonderful play, she ended up pushing everyone to their limits, taking the fun out of the whole thing, and only caused herself and others too much stress - the same lesson she learned in "Different Waltz for Different Faults".


  • (opening scene: Blueberry is reading a story to baby Berrykins)
  • Blueberry: Once upon a time, a looooong time ago, a princess named Coconut Cupcake was taking a stroll, and she came upon...
  • (Blueberry waves her hand for the effect)
  • Blueberry: ...a troll.
  • Baby Berrykins: (excited) Ooooooh!


  • Plum: No one will say that Plum can't direct a smash hit!
  • Cherry: I don't think anyone's saying that...
  • Plum: And they won't! I'll direct a play that will make Berry Bitty City the talk of the theatre world!
  • (Plum is daydreaming about her future success. Cherry looks skeptical)


  • (the Berry girls, Berrykins, ladybugs, Postmaster Bumblebee and butterflies are waiting in line)
  • Cherry: I've been to a lot of auditions in my time, and I've never had to wait this long!
  • Lemon: How long have we been here?
  • Strawberry: Oh, since before lunch.


  • Plum: (to the Berrykins) Curtain goes up with one week, people! No one should be reading their lines off their scripts anymore!
  • (the Berrykins obey, each hides the script behind the back. Only Earl, who did not listen to Plum, continues reading his script)
  • Berrykin Earl: Hello, Snowberry! We're the seven Berrykins!
  • (Ed motions to Earl. Embarrassed, Earl stops reading and hides the script behind his back)


  • Plum: OH BITTER BERRIES!! They're ready! (hiding half her face behind clipboard) Here we go!


  • (a tidal wave prop is brought to the stage)
  • Plum: No, no! The tidal wave is two scenes later!
  • (too late: a Berrykin pours a bucket of water on Raspberry, soaking her wet)
  • Raspberry: (splutters, then waves her fist angrily) That's for the berry mean queen, not for me!


  • (Berrykin Bonnie is auditioned)
  • Berrykin Bonnie: Laaaaaaaaaa! Brrrrrrrr... Laaaaaaaaaa!
  • Plum: Inspired, Berrykin Bonnie, simply inspired. Now! You... are... a tree. In a forest.
  • Berrykin Bonnie: What kind of tree? You know, am I a maple? An oak? Spruce? Birch? Fir? Mulberry? Hemlock? Chestnut? Pecan? Silver fir? Walnut? White fir? Aspen? Jeffrey pine? Lodgepole? Pine? Lobbloly pine?
  • Plum: (smiles) Give me a moment. Okay. Here it is... you are... a redwood!
  • (Berrykin Bonnie is dumbstruck)
  • Plum: So! As a redwood, how would you, from deep within your redwood heart, from the very depths of your redwood soul, sing this note.
  • (Plum presses a key of the piano, making a low note)
  • Berrykin Bonnie: (in high-pitched voice) Laaaaaaaaaa!!!


  • (Raspberry picks up Cinnapup)
  • Raspberry: Oh, no! An opossum? I mean... a wolf! I mean.. what are you supposed to be?
  • Plum: (approaches) Cut! Raspberry, it's a ferocious tiger.


  • (Lemon and Berrykin Bloom rehearse their scene)
  • Lemon: (as the Berry mean queen) Mirror, mirror, at my command, tell me who is berry fairest in all the land?
  • Berrykin Bloom: (as the mirror) Uh, is it... Princess Berrykin?
  • Plum: (scowls) Berrykin Bloom!
  • Berrykin Bloom: Oh, wait! Don't tell me! Is it Jadeybug at the post office?
  • Plum: No, Berrykin Bloom, we're not in Berry Bitty City right now. We're in the play "Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins", and all you have to do is say your lines. Do you remember your lines?
  • Berrykin Bloom: Oh! Oh, yes. The script. Um...
  • Plum: (sighs) Give him the next line, Berry mean queen.
  • Lemon: (throws her head backwards) Snowberry? (gasps) That's impossible!
  • Berrykin Bloom: Is it?
  • Plum: The mirror... never...
  • Berrykin Bloom: Oh, yes, miss Plum. I remember now. The mirror never sighs!
  • (Plum facepalms, sighing)
  • Lemon: (whispering to Berrykin Bloom) Lies. The mirror never lies.
  • Berrykin Bloom: (smiles) Oh, that's it. The mirror never lies!
  • Plum: (smiles) Yes! You got it. Let's do it again. From the top!
  • Lemon: Mirror, mirror, at my command, tell me who is berry fairest in all the land?
  • Berrykin Bloom: Snowberry!
  • Lemon: Snowberry? (gasps) That's impossible!
  • Berrykin Bloom: (smiles) The mirror never cries!
  • (Lemon and Plum sigh)


  • (Marmalade and Cinnapup pull at Plum's leg warmers)
  • Plum: This is not... how a cast... behaves...
  • (Cherry and Orange takes the pups away, giggling)
  • Cherry: Sorry, Plum.
  • Orange: That's puppies for ya...
  • (Plum sighs and sits down near the cottage backdrop. Suddenly, the backdrop starts falling down off the hooks)
  • Berrykin Ed: Uh, Plum? I'm... uh... I'm not sure it's a good idea to sit right...
  • (the backdrop falls on top of Plum)
  • Berrykin Ed: ...there.


  • Plum: (whimpering) Say hello to the director of "Snowberry and the Seven Hundred Mishaps".
  • Strawberry: Oh, you'll pull it together. It just got a little big... and a little less fun.
  • Plum: It got a lot big, and a no fun. A little play for the baby Berrykins was a fun idea, but I kind of went overboard. I bet everyone is mad at me.


  • This is the first Season 3 episode in which Huckleberry Pie does not appear.
  • This is the first episode based on a fairy tale - Snow White.
  • In contrast to the original fairy tale, the poisoned apple is not used in the play, and Lemon (as the Evil Queen) does not say "Mirror, Mirror on the wall".