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Strawberry Shortcake is the main protagonist of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Strawberry is a hard worker that runs the Berry Bitty Cafe and Berry Bitty Market. She is open-minded and very kind, so many seek out her guidance or opinions.


Strawberry Shortcake is a young, fair skinned girl with light pink lips and bright green eyes with freckles. Her curly waist-length hair is normally depicted as magenta or red, worn with a green and white striped bow adorned with a strawberry. At times she wears a pink strawberry hat.

Normally, she wears a pink dotted minidress with a white short-sleeved blouse depicting a strawberry surrounded by green diamonds over it, along with green an white striped tights, and pink Mary-Jane's.

During Seasons 3 and 4 Strawberry would sometimes pull her hair into a low ponytail. She also began wearing a pale pink and white striped tank-top with green short-shorts and pink flats during casual outings.


Sweet and upbeat, Strawberry remains positive and hopeful that thing's will always work out in the end. She befriends others with ease and is always willing to help out, and she always tries to put their needs ahead of her own because of how deeply she cares about ensuring their happiness. Even if it means sacrificing her own happiness and/or possibly even causing more problems for herself. However, she also seeks honesty and will not hesitate from telling someone the truth if she knows something is wrong, and while normally passive and supportive, she can be stern when called for.

Strawberry is also noted for her maturity and she normally remains level-headed. It takes something big to anger her or stress her out to the point of tears in comparison to the others. She tries her hardest to not let anything get her down and while she may not be as brainy as Blueberry, her selfless and open-minded innocence allows her to remain humble and modest. She prefers to plan things out rather than rush headfirst into situations; rather than be proven right, she simply wants everyone to be safe and have fun; which she considers to be her golden rule. If things become too stressful or inconvenient, she would speak with the one in charge, gently point out the problem and suggest a change in attitude.

It's these qualities that cause others to usually rely on her, choosing to make her the Lead of many projects or explorations unless she appoints the task to someone else that she feels may be better suited.


Prior to the cartoon series, in the pilot Strawberry was said to have been a published cookbook author.

In the pilot movie, her personality was mostly the same but she was heavily suspicious and concerned over various things, and eventually suffered a breakdown when things became too hard for her to handle. However, with the others reminding her that this was unlike her, she soon snapped out of it.

Official Hub Profile

Strawberry Shortcake may be itty-bitty, but she's full of big possibilities. She loves adventure and believes you can do anything if you try. She's a berry good friend who's always ready to help. She's kind and smart, and she loves her pets. With Strawberry Shortcake, things are growing better all the time.


Strawberry possesses many talents and seems to be a natural when it comes to trying anything new. Her first and foremost favorite hobby and skill rely in baking or anything food-oriented. She runs the Berry Bitty Cafe by herself and can make just about anything, although she loves a chance to try new recipes. Those might take a few tries, but she usually gets it right in the end.

Besides baking and cooking, Strawberry has shown interest in writing and various performance arts, such as dance and making music or singing.

Over time, her leadership skills were shown improving and she naturally possessed the ability to take control of a situation.


  • Raspberry: Strawberry is always there to remind Raspberry how much they care for her when she puts too much pressure on herself. In return, Raspberry is often the first to point out Strawberry's strengths.
  • Blueberry: They have a close friendship, often going to each other for advice regarding various topics. Strawberry often worries over her when she doesn't seem to be acting right.
  • Orange: Orange and strawberry are good friends. Despite being similar in various aspects, their outlooks are different enough that they have deep respect for each other.
  • Lemon: Strawberry supports Lemon's creativity and corrects her when things get out of hand. Whenever Lemon gets an idea, she can become obsessed with it and Strawberry is usually the first one to be honest with her.
  • Plum: The girls both lend a supportive shoulder to one-another and would do anything if it meant helping the other.
  • Cherry: Strawberry is one of Cherry's biggest fans and unlike the others, she was the first one who appreciated the real her and see her for who she really was. They became close as a result and discover how much they share in common after Strawberry was able to befriend her. Since then, they often hang out together and work on writing songs or playing music.
  • Huckleberry: Because Huck is often unsure of himself and tries too hard to please everyone, Strawberry is one of the girls to assure him that they like him and appreciate what he does. She helps him see the good in himself whenever he gets discouraged.
  • Sweet Grapes and Sour Grapes: At first she didn't seem to know what to think about the twins when they showed up. Over time she got to know them and how they often bicker or disagree, and she tries to remain impartial during these times unless one is clearly at fault. In which she will gently try to help them understand so that the problem can be resolved.
  • Apple: Strawberry admires her cousin and her adventurous spirit but she struggles to handle her bold personality. As her younger relative, she tries to be kind to her and ignore her own problems she may have from something Apple did. She cares greatly for her.


  • (When answering the phone) "Strawberry's cafe. Hope you're having a berry nice day. Strawberry speaking."
  • "Oh muffin crumbs..."
  • "Right as Raspberries!"
  • "Colliding Kiwis!"
  • "Berry Bitty City isn't so bitty anymore..."
  • "Even though we're bitty, we can do big things!"
  • (When Apple gives the room a lights makeover): "Galloping Gooseberries!!! What's this?"
  • "That's the spirit, Lemon!"
  • "Oh my..... Oh me!"
  • "Um...aren't you suppose to have a leash?"
  • "I know! I'll make a Pupcake cupcake!!"
  • "Custard, please come back!"
  • ​"What in the Berry Bitty World? (gets splattered with icing) AAAAH!!!"
  • ​(To Cherry, when the twins fight) "Quick, play something!"


  • Tracey Moore provides Strawberry's singing voice.
  • She also appeared in the clip show of fellow Hub television show Transformers Prime which was aired in January 28 2012.
    • She is also the only Berry Girl (not counting the twins) to have a family member who makes an appearance in the series, Apple Dumplin.
  • Strawberry is allergic to two kinds of flowers - Hibiscus and Purple Puffpetals.
  • When alarmed or really happy, Strawberry peppers her speech with food and fruit names.
  • It was stated by the makers of this series that it was mandatory to always have Strawberry deliver the lesson of the episode.
  • Strawberry was the only Berry Girl to wear a hat normally until season 4 with Apple's introduction.
  • Strawberry's favorite type of book is a picture book.
  • Strawberry's voice has been compared to Rainbow Dash from G3.5 My Little Pony.
    • Ironically, she is one of the few Girls not to have a G4 My Little Pony voice actress.
  • She had two roles as a counterpart character in season 4:
  • She is the only character to be present in all 65 episodes and have speaking lines in all of them.
  • She is the only Berry Girl to have more than one pet.
  • She owns two guitars and is one of the only two Berry Girls (alongside Cherry) to regularly play music.
  • She is one of the two Berry girls (the other being Blueberry) whose names are included in episode titles ("Strawberry's House Pest", "Strawberry's Berry Big Parade").
  • She is appeared as the bootleg version in 2022 film Chip N' Dale: Rescue Rangers.


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