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"That is so sweet."

Sweet Grapes
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Runs a Food Truck with her Sister

Theme Colors

Lilac, Powder Blue, Purple


Purple Grapes



Voice Actress

Andrea Libman (Canada)
Karina Parra (Latin America)
Taís Feijó (Brazil)
Magdalena Wasylik (Poland)

Hair color

Pink (temporary) Light Purple/Lilac

Eye color

Pink and Purple

Skin color



Berry Double Trouble

Sweet Grapes is one of the new Berry Girls introduced in Season 4 of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. She is the twin sister of Sour Grapes.


Sweet is her name and personality. With a heart of gold, this Berry Girl will amaze you with her sweet creations and generosity.


Fair skinned with lavender eyes that have a pale pink gradient to match her lips. She wears thick black frame glasses. Her long hair is ombre themed, being purple on top and fading to violet, fuchsia, and finally pale pink with thick strands in ringlet curls. Her bangs are mostly brushed on one side with smaller strands on the opposite side, along with thick curled forelocks. She wears a double bow of pale blue and lilac and white stripe, adorned with purple grapes.

Her normal attire is composed of a white and purple striped top with glitter coating and the right shoulder cut low reveal a powder blue strap. On the lower corner is a purple grape design. This comes with a frilly powder blue skirt with lilac accent on top of a white layer, lilac and white tights, and white flats lined in power blue with white bottoms and a grape accessory.

For casual outings, Sweet is shown wearing her hair in two, low ringlet twin-tails (or pigtails) held by bows. Her attire consists of a white top covered with a grape pattern, light blue short-shorts, and blue and purple shoes.


Sweet is a gentle and delicate, somewhat quiet girl. She loves her twin and hopes to make her happy no matter what it cost and to the point that she would never talk again if Sour told her to. Although she is honest and attempts to remind her to be friendly and kind to others, she is easily flustered and may accidentally stumble over her words.

She has a cutesy personality and often enjoys things like puns or silly jokes. Her kind and good heart allows her to realize that while she can try to pretend things are fine with Sour's mean attitude, she is painfully aware of how bad it is and how much their relationship was struggling.


As she is a chef with her twin sister, she is talented when it comes to cooking and baking. She loves to come up with new recipes and focuses on sweet-based dishes.


  • Sour: Her twin sister. She loves her and tries to keep her in line. Sour has been rather cold towards her for sometime prior to the series, shown by her shock when Sour first began to act kindly to her.
  • Strawberry: Strawberry and Sweet are pretty good friends, and they are often together since Sweet and Sour work in Strawberry's cafe. They have similar personalities, they are both berry sweet so they often see eye to eye..
  • Lemon
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Orange:  Orange Blossom and Sweet are both very kind and soft hearted so they get along well.
  • Plum
  • Cherry:
  • Huckleberry:


  • "Sous chef?!"
  • "Oh really? Then if you are wearing mine, you won't mind if I put some of this parsley puff on my apron!"
  • "Well... we might be expert chefs but we are not expert sisters."
  • ​"Let's share it together."
  • ​"That's a SWEET camera you got there Apple! (Chuckles) Get it? Sweet?"
  • "Neat, says Sweet" (Chuckles)


  • She is the first (and only) Berry girl who wears glasses regularly.
  • Sweet's style incooperates the feminine hipster and lolita styles.
  • She is the third Berry Girl with curly hair (alongside Strawberry and Orange). 
  • She is the first character with ombre eye and hair coloring, both starting purple and turning pink so far down.
  • Sweet is the second Berry girl whose work involves food, alongside Sour, following Strawberry.
  • She is the first Berry girl who has a sibling, as well as the only with a twin.
    • According to the comics, she and Sour have a cousin named Raisin Cane.
  • She is an original character created for this series.
    • She is the second original character in the show, following Cherry Jam.
  • Sweet is the "right side twin". Besides her glasses, this is one of the few ways to tell her and Sour apart when made to look alike.
  • In "A Berry Merry Birthday" it is revealed she likes Angel Cake.
  • She finds sous chef to be an insulting term. A Sous Chef is the person seen beneath the head cook, and as such, it would mean she is "beneath" Sour.
  • She is the only Berry girl who does not have a scooter.
  • She and her sister are the only Berry girls who do not have pets.
  • She and her sister are the only Berry girls who never played music in the show.
  • She is also the only girl whose casual outfit has glitter on it.
  • She is shorter than her sister. 
  • She is the first Berry Girl with ombre hair.


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