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The Berry Best Choice





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Oct 27, 2010

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"The Berry Best Choice" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Strawberry learns about leadership and making important decisions as the Berryfest Princess.

Episode Review

Everyone is in search for the special Wanderberry that has sprouted up recently when Strawberry reminds them they only have until tomorrow to get it ready. Blueberry goes on to add that since Strawberry is the leader, she has to decide where they look, so Strawberry gives them random locations to check and everyone splits up. Lemon mentions that it will probably be somewhere sunny, while Orange thinks it would be near water. Strawberry decides to just follow her heart and with Custard and Pupcake, goes off to look.

Pupcake begins to sniff out something and soon locates the Wanderberry, but it's so high up that they're not sure it's within reach. Berrykin Bloom comes by and observes it, complimenting the berry before mentioning it makes sense Strawberry would find it, as the Princess this year. With some help they are able to get the fruit and after Strawberry remarks on the heaviness of the fruit, Berrykin Bloom explains that with this one being plucked a brand new one was just sprouted elsewhere. Together everyone pulls the heavy fruit on the cart when Strawberry stops, believing she heard whistling. But nobody else happened to hear it, so she chooses to ignore it.

As they go through a big flower patch down a long hill, the cart suddenly breaks. They use their hands to hurry up and continue to pull. By the time they get home they see how late it is and stop to drop off the Wanderberry at the Gazebo, too tired to
continue. Strawberry decides they should just rest for now and after expressing concern, she lets the girls leave the Wanderberry at the Gazebo since that's where the picnic will be held and they'd just have to bring it back.

The next morning Strawberry leaves her house and hears whistling again, which makes her want to go look for it since it appears to sound sad. Before she can, Orange and Plum show up claiming a disaster has struck and they rush her back to the Picnic sight to see the missing Wanderberry. They explain that a bunch of rabbits stole everything they had set up, but Strawberry remains positive by reminding them of the newly sprouted berry. So everyone goes out to look for it, although Strawberry wants to look for the bird she is sure she heard again. But seeing that her friends need her, she decides to forget about it since she still needs to decorate, make food, set up, and find the replacement Wanderberry.

Back at the cafe the girls seem to have everything under control with making the sandwiches, Lemon announcing that the flowers are all done, and Orange announcing that the Berrykin band is ready to go. Strawberry then reassures everyone that everything's going to be fine, for as long as they work together, nothing can stop them, until the Berrykins come by to reveal they had been looking all over the land, twice now, and have yet to find yet to find a replacement Wanderberry. Plum brings up how close the picnic is though, causing the berry girls stress and unaware that it appears to be bothering Strawberry even more until she takes off for a small breather. This appears to only cause her further tension, and the others are left wondering if she is alright.

Strawberry goes outside and begins to panic while hearing more whistling, when Pupcake becomes alert to it she decides to put the stresses from that day behind her to go search for it once and for all. Berrykin Bloom shows up and voices his opinion, saying he is sure she'll make the right decision when it arrives, and Strawberry takes off after telling the girls she needs some more time alone.

Coming to the strawberry patch, Strawberry follows the pathway with Custard and Pupcake behind her. She notices she's not hearing anymore whistling and spots the second Wanderberry, which has been found by Custard. She notes it is smaller than the last one but it should still work. Raspberry and Lemon then arrive to reveal the girls got worried and came to find her, and suggest they head back but Strawberry still wishes to find the poor bird. She then happens to spot a bright pink bird with its leg tangled in a vine.

With some help from Lemon and Raspberry they manage to free it but they realize the poor bird is weakened from hunger. Without much thought she considers handing over the Wanderberry to feed it. She hesitates, but only for a second before giving the bird the colorful fruit, much to the initial protests of Raspberry and Lemon. While she isn't sure she made the right decision, Berrykin Bloom mentions how nutritious the fruit is, and because it felt right to her this is the only thing that matters. The bird, now no longer weakened, flies up into the sky and begins to whistle again, but there's barely any of the Wanderberry left for the picnic. However, after seeing how much better the beautiful bird is feeling, Raspberry and Lemon, while disappointed, agree the Strawberry made the right decision.

When they return, luck smiles upon them and a third Wanderberry suddenly appears, right outside of the Cafe. Everyone is delighted with this and quickly they resume preparing for their picnic.

Later, the group is all patiently waiting for dessert when Berrykin Bloom states first they should thank their host for such a wonderful party. Strawberry hears whistling once more as Plum asks if she's speechless when everyone sees the bird flying overhead while singing to them. Strawberry then says that its singing the song the first time she heard it, but Berrykin Bloom believes its a little different, saying to Strawberry that its a song meant for her. Strawberry, in a much better mood insists she is fine and she passes out the color spheres of Wanderberry as a montage plays and ends with the girls admiring the sunset.


As a leader, Strawberry learns that sometimes the best decisions mean helping out others and sacrificing one's own needs, as demonstrated when she handed over the Wanderberry to save the starving bird despite knowing it would ruin the party. Not only did this make her feel better, but for her kindness and selflessness, she managed to get another Wanderberry in its place and help the bird feel better.


  • Strawberry: I want to make everyone happy, but they all want different things.
  • Berrykin Bloom: Just listen to your heart, Strawberry Shortcake. You have a very good one, you know.



  • Oddly, the girls are referred to by their full names in this episode, when normally they just go by their first names.
  • The Berryfest Spring Festival story arc, that began with "Berry Best BerryFest Princess", comes to conclusion in this episode.
    • Of note, this is the only story arc in Season 1 which consists of more than one episode. All the other episodes in this season stand alone.


  • Raspberry's headband is missing when the girls lay down together.