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The Berry Best Vacation



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Feb 18, 2012

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"The Berry Best Vacation" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


When an unwelcome TV reporter insists on interviewing Cherry during their vacation and stubbornly refuses to leave, the Berry Girls plot to rid of her.

Episode Review

The Berry girls are in the middle of going over the items they will all need for their vacation to make sure they have gotten everything ready by then. Strawberry tells Berrykin Bill that he and the berrykins can vacation there as well, since they helped them. She starts to wonder what is keeping the others, as they agreed to meet up at a specific time. Raspberry is having trouble walking with her parasol, Blueberry is too busy trying to go through a stack of books she "needs" on the vacation, namely "Patty Persimmon and the Case of the Beach Burglar" (all three parts), Lemon wonders what is wrong with her sunscreen she's working on and suggest that she used too much lime, and Orange has trouble walking with her snorkeling attire on due to being unable to fit it with her other items.

Plum's Broken Fin
As Blueberry and Orange meet up and begin to chat, they see Raspberry fly out of her boutique when her umbrella collapses on her once more. They soon come across a distressed Plum wearing her mermaid costume, as she wished to get some water ballet practice in. However, she got stuck in some vines on the way over. As the others help her, Cherry and Strawberry manage to locate them and they all start to worry that something bad might happen, given their poor luck so far.

It's then when a news van arrives, and Mavis Maraschino comes out. She is currently in the process of making her brand new television series, "Lifestyles of the Berry Big Bitty Stars", and planned to feature Cherry Jam for the first episode. A purple berrykin named Bertram steps out behind her, recording the scene before him as Cherry tries to tell Mavis she isn't
News van2
interested. Mavis doesn't listen and she points out they aren't going to the Berry Breezy Bay anymore, causing Mavis to cut the recording and get frustrated, demanding an explanation. The group explain that the resort they're going to is one they made themselves, but they keep the location discrete; until she claims it isn't any good and they get offended and end up blurting the location to prove it to her that it is as good as any other five star resort.

Upon arrival the girls begin to show Mavis around as she decides she might be able to do her show after all- with some edits. She tells Bertram to resume filming and quickly claims they are on spot at Berry Breezy Bay resort, only for Strawberry to cut in and point out it's actually the resort they made at Berry Bitty City. An annoyed Mavis states that the audience wants glitter and glamour, then storms off in a huff.

Everyone is beginning to grow upset since they think Mavis will ruin their fun time and Cherry promises to fix it, since Mavis only came to see her. She takes shelter under Raspberry's collapsed parasol with her and this inspires the girls to hide from Mavis whenever she comes by, so that she'll keep walking on to try to locate them. They quickly hide on the beach, with each girl hiding under her hat and only her feet sticking out, which seems to work as Mavis checks each hat and gets frustrated when she is unable to find Cherry; who was hiding under a blanket near an empty garbage basket.

Later Mavis continues to look for Cherry. She is being stubborn and refuses to quit, so Cherry decides to just get the interview over with so that she will leave. Mavis returns a little later to find the girls in the middle of a barbeque and she yanks her away, shoving Blueberry out of her chair to give it to Cherry while giving an insincere apology to Blueberry. She begins the interview, but not before demanding Blueberry leave to get a drink for Cherry, although Cherry insists that she doesn't, as she is her friend and she can do it herself. Mavis then decides to check in as Raspberry and another berrykin bring over some items, and while the girls are concerned, Orange points out that come next summer they will probably have a lot of guests because of the great review.

By now, Cherry decides she will kindly ask Mavis to just leave, but Strawberry shows concern since this has never happened before. After Raspberry points out she would never want to leave, due to the comfort of the City, Cherry gets a brilliant idea.

That evening, Mavis resumes filming as Strawberry goes over the plans with the small berrykins dressed as crabs. They begin, with Cherry running across the beach to tell Mavis that a whole bunch of crabs have began to attack, along with a "Lizard monster". Then they have a pretend storm occurs and Mavis panics as a bunch of dust is blown around. She runs for shelter, only to bump right into Lemon, who seems to have acquired chicken pox and Mavis runs in another direction until she finds a spot to hide.

Cherry and Strawberry approach and suggest that Mavis should leave if she is upset with this by now, but to their shock, Mavis was inspired by it to make another show, an extreme adventure series titled "Mavis Maraschino against nature". She informs them that she plans to stay permanently now if things will be like this, leaving the girls frustrated after she heads back inside.

The following day, Blueberry meets with the others at the Cafe in order to discuss the news. Apparently Mavis wants to take a lunch on her trip while she goes around to explore the new ground, and once again Cherry gets another idea. She asks for the original draft Strawberry wrote for a contest and asks for some publishing help from Blueberry.

When Mavis comes by, Cherry shows her the new issue of "Beyond Berry Big Adventure" magazine. Mavis takes it and reads the special report from the traveler Maxine Maximum about her adventures on the "outrageously, terribly thrilling, terrifically tantalizing Perilous Passage Island", which makes Mavis angry that someone else may be getting a "scoop" that belongs to her. She orders Bertram to book them a flight to that location, and they quickly make plans to leave. But before they can board the butterfly bus, Cherry has started to feel regret that it may have been wrong to trick her to make her leave. Despite their opinions on her, Strawberry and Cherry go to admit that they lied and explain that Blueberry made the magazine, and it isn't a real one. Hesitantly, Cherry also explains that they just want to spend vacation having fun, not filming some sort of television show. But Mavis once again refuses to listen and prepares to leave anyway, stating that if there really is no island like that there soon will be and that she'll be the one to discover it, or someplace more harrowing as she flies off to explore uncharted lands.

With her gone, the girls happily cheer, feeling better that although they tricked her, they also told the truth and she chose to leave anyway. They go back to the beach, ready to have some fun until suddenly, it starts to pour down rain.

Gathering umbrella, the girls crowd beneath them while sitting or standing at the beach chairs. They all feel sad that they cannot spend the day playing on the beach when Cherry begins to laugh about everything they went through the past day or so to try to rid of Mavis. Strawberry adds that while it may not have been the vacation they wanted, it was still a lot of fun.

A bit later the rain slowly comes to an end and the girls go enjoy what's left of the day with a round of volleyball. 

Elsewhere, Lemon begins to scream from horror; apparently her face has now turned Orange because she put too much papaya in her sunscreen.


  • Plum: It's me, Plum. I think one of my fins is stuck!
  • Orange: You wearing fins too?
  • Plum: (chuckles) My mermaid outfit. Just want it to do some water ballet. I...
  • Orange: Didn't have room to pack yet?
  • (Orange and Blueberry giggle)
  • Plum: How'd you know?
  • Orange: Lucky guess!
  • Plum: (notices the parasol with Raspberry stuck inside) Uh... what'
  • Orange: That's Raspberry!
  • Plum: Ohh! Morning, Raspberry!
  • Raspberry: Morning, Plum!
  • Plum: (sighs) Is everything gonna go wrong this morning?!


  • Mavis: Oh Cherry, where's my little superstar?
  • Strawberry: Quick under here!
  • (Cherry runs under Raspberry's umbrella, where Raspberry is currently stuck)
  • Raspberry: Cherry, what are you doing here?
  • Cherry: Shh!


  • Strawberry: Hi, Mavis!
  • Raspberry: Hi, Mavis!
  • Blueberry: Hi, Mavis!
  • Orange: Hi, Mavis!
  • Plum: Well hello, Mavis!
  • Mavis: (frustrated) Well that is it. I can't find her!


  • (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Orange and Plum giggle)
  • Strawberry: Great idea, Cherry!
  • Cherry: (giggles) It worked!


  • Strawberry: Crab Control to Lizard Leader, Crab Control to Lizard Leader, The crabs are ready!
  • Plum: Lizard Leader to Crab Control, The lizard is ready!
  • Strawberry: Operation: make Mavis comfortable is a go!
  • Cherry: Here goes... (pretends to be screaming)
  • Mavis: Cherry Jam?
  • Cherry: Run for your life, It's the attack of the pinching crabs!!!


  • Lemon: (screams) Too much papaya!


  • Mavis: Bertram! Do we shrink from a challenge?
  • Bertram: (sighs) We rise to it...


  • Mavis: Hazardous hurricanes! Nobody scoops Mavis Maraschino!


  • (the girls, feeling bad for deceiving Mavis, tell her the truth)
  • Cherry: The truth is there is no Perilous Passage Island.
  • Mavis: Ha! Perilous Pith Helmets! That doesn't matter to me! If there isn't an island like that, there soon will be! And Mavis Maraschino will discover it, or someplace even more harrowing.
  • (the Butterfly Bus takes off)
  • Mavis: Farewell, twinkles. I'm off to explore uncharted lands!
  • (the Berry girls burst out laughing)


The girls realize that even if they could not do exactly what they planned, spending time with friends it can be just as fun.

They also learn that tricking someone to get rid of them may leave one feeling badly for it afterwards, and that it is better to be truthful.


  • Running gag: Raspberry's umbrella closing on her.
    • This is the second episode in a row to have a running gag involving Raspberry.
  • Lemon wasn't with the girls due to spending the whole episode on her fruit-fashioned sunscreen.
  • This episode reveals that Berry Bitty City has things like hamburgers, although they were pink-colored and not called by name, so it is impossible to tell what they actually were.
  • This was the first time in Season 2 where all of the Berry Girls were shown to be angry.
  • Berrykin Bertram (Mavis' assistant) is introduced in this episode.
  • This is Mavis' second visit at Berry Bitty City, following "A Star is Fashioned".
  • Mavis and Bertram arrive by the news van, but leave by the Butterfly Bus. It is unknown what has become with the van, since Mavis does not use it on her next visit at Berry Bitty City ("Dance Puppy Dance").
  • Mavis' like about "Glitter and Glamour" may have been a reference to Jem, another hasbro-related series that often had that as a catchphrase or tagline in the series.


  • At the opening scene, Strawberry addresses Berrykin Bill by his correct name, but while they play the prank on Mavis - she calls him "Berrykin Bruce".