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The Berry Big Harvest



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Nov 5, 2011

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"The Berry Big Harvest" is the first episode of Season 2 of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Orange struggles to deal with an overflow of new products at her store and attempts to use her sorting knowledge to make everything orderly.

Episode Review

Strawberry is busy setting the tables for the Cafe as Custard and Pupcake run around to watch. They almost manage to trip her but she is able to balance herself to avoid breaking anything. She continues on to pour many glasses of orange juice, then she realizes she has plenty of time before the Cafe opens, so she attempts to do some cleaning- until she remembers she already did it. So in the mean time she decides to shop for some strawberries.

While running by she greets her friends and stops by the Salon. Lemon brings up the new hair fragrance she made for Strawberry, but she is too busy and promises to check it out later. After she reaches Orange Mart, she asks if Orange is in need of anything while she is out shopping, then continues on once Orange asks for some sunflower seeds.

Eventually Strawberry reaches the Berryglen. She sees that Pupcake and Custard followed her, so she kindly tells them to
Strawberry with sunflower seeds
stay still to avoid making a mess and goes to retrieve her items. She plucks a few of the seeds from the sunflower when it begins shaking, causing her to fall down multiple flowers and onto the ground. She tries to determine what happened and goes on to find that many pumpkin and various other plants have shrunk as well, and further down she finds the Berrykins singing as they gather tomatoes and flowers.

Strawberry spots Berrykin Bloom working on an odd mixture and questions the shrinking items. Berrykin Bloom explains that that various plants are being shrunk to get them gathered easier, but they got too much produce this way. To make things easier on them, Strawberry offers to take the extra items back to Orange Mart with her.

Meanwhile, Orange is gathering up the items a Berrykin needed when Berrykin Bill comes in to ask for some wood. Orange lists every variety she has, pointing out the sale on willow, which he decides to get. He also asks for sunflower seeds and Orange does not have at the moment but mentions that Strawberry will be bringing some back soon.

Hearing Strawberry call for her outside, Orange steps out to find many boxes and containers of fruit Strawberry gathered and offers to help Orange make room for it after Berrykin Bloom expresses concern. But Orange insists she can do it herself and that she'll be fine.

Eventually the girls find themselves confused when they start finding fruit and vegetables are everywhere. Strawberry lets them know of what has been going on with Orange, who keeps insisting that she can do it on her own. Initially the girls are fine with this until Raspberry shows the other girls just how "in control" she is, showing the hectic display of Berrykins trying to get their orders.

Lemon asks Strawberry about the fruit and Strawberry passes on the message to Orange, telling her that the pears and peaches are beginning to wilt in the sun. The girls watch as Orange runs outside to try to fix them and soon she has put up a display covered by umbrella to keep them nice and shaded, along with some pinwheels for a nice breeze and perfume bottles full of water. With that the girls take off for the Cafe for breakfast while Orange resumes her work.

Later, Lemon and Strawberry chat on the phone and mention how popular Orange Mart has become lately. Lemon points out that Orange is still refusing to let them help, despite clearly needing it, and Strawberry brings up that because Orange didn't show up for breakfast she ended up giving her food to Pupcake to avoid wasting it. Lemon then brings up that it is close to lunch and to check on her, Strawberry decides to bring her a snack; only to find a huge line of Berrykins standing outside of Orange Mart.

Orange has built an elaborate system of tubes throughout her store, with the vegetables and fruits in order to
make things more smooth due to the sudden increase of customers. Strawberry hands her the sandwich she made but Orange makes it clear she's too busy to eat right now, and has been up for a pretty long time.

The tube system appears to be working, but after a few berrykins get sucked into it they begin to get stuck and clog the tubes, causing them to break and send food flying everywhere. Berrykins roll out of Orange Mart, fruits splatter the new dress Raspberry made- though she seems to like the resulting colors and pattern, the badminton birdie gets hit by one, berry juice splatters on the dance studio floor which cause the Berrykins slip around while Plum believes that they're simply feeling the upbeat music, and it disrupts one an art lesson- though Blueberry is pleasantly happy with it.

Seeing the mess, Strawberry offers to lend Orange a hand again but she quickly rejects it.

In secrecy the girls decide they need to help Orange some how and they gather the various items they can find and still salvage. During this time they chat and while nobody blames Orange for what happened, they need to fix it. Strawberry gets an idea from this and she heads back to visit Orange.

Later on, the girls begin to build the Market Place. They come to a stop after a while, declaring themselves to have done enough work. Berrykin Bloom then shows up saying to Strawberry that his special plant food that shrinks fruits and vegetables to their size also shrinks the time from seed to harvest and that he has a new crop coming in only two weeks, which means the Market Place needs to be built in half the time. With that she calls her friends to get them to come back as the episode ends.


Orange learns the importance of relying on friends for help. We may wish to do everything ourselves, but rather than put so much work onto our shoulders, it is best to consider letting friends help. Not only does it make things easier, but it gives us more time to do the things we love.


  • Strawberry: (whispers) Why are we whispering?


  • Strawberry: Hmm, I smell something...
  • Plum: (sniffs) Uh, mangoes?
  • Strawberry: No, an idea.


  • Strawberry: So, as I was saying... I need to ask you a favor.
  • Orange: Anything.
  • Strawberry: Well, I have this dream of--Custard, no!
  • (Custard is playing with an orange, as if it was a ball)
  • Strawberry: Like I said--that's not a toy! This dream of opening a side business...
  • Orange: Yeah? (gasps) How fun! What kind of business?


  • Orange: Thank you for shopping at Orange's general store, where there is a place for everything and a thing for every place!



  • Strawberry can be heard humming the Berrykin theme song, which they sing a few minutes later.
  • The list of woods Orange has in store: Pine, Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, Peach, Apple, Elm, Ash, Hickory, Ebony, Cedar, Poplar, Maple, Spruce, Sycamore, Teak, Rosewood, Rubber-wood, Cotton wood, Walnut, and Willow.
    • In her statement listing them, peach is said twice. She also points out the sale she has on willow.
  • This is the first episode featuring the Market Place and Apartment.
  • This is the first appearance of Berrykin Bill.
  • This is the first episode to end on a cliffhanger.
  • The fourth wall is broken in this episode when a tomato hits the screen, causing it to slowly sink to the bottom while it fades to black.
  • Orange's inventive side begins to show with this episode. 
  • This is the first time a baby Berrykin and parent are shown together.


  • In this episode, Orange calls her store "Orange's General Store". However, its official name is Orange Mart.