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The Big Freeze
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March 10, 2012

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"The Big Freeze" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Blueberry creates new ice skates that she calls "Icy Skites" that are powered by butterflies. After they appear to be a big hit, she attempts to make a musical commercial to showcase them but struggles to focus on it.

Episode Review

Blueberry begins to tell the Berrykins a story she wrote. It was a very windy, cold day when Postmaster Bumblebee comes in with a whole bunch of mail. Jadeybug expresses her relief to see he's alright and the Postmaster decides that due to the weather, it was not a good day to be delivering mail. Blueberry shows up to ask if anything came for her, as she was expecting a new Patty Persimmon book. She hates to wait, but thanks Orange for giving her a drink before she goes, since she doesn't want to get home too late. As she leaves, Orange whispers to the others that normally, Blueberry is very patient - except for when it comes to her books. 

Blueberry returns to Blueberry Books and opens the door to watch as the strong burst of wind knocks Bosley and several books off the table. Bosley gets stuck in a tennis racket and


she is quick to help him as he apologizes for ruining the racket. She assures him it's fine though, since it was old anyway, then explains that she is stuck waiting for her book due to the weather. Bosley suggests she could use some ice skates to reach the book, but it would be a long way to ice skate. Determined to get her book though, Blueberry begins to make plans.

The following morning Blueberry has a butterfly help her steer the ice skates as she slides across Berry Bitty City. As others watch her with curiosity, she eventually returns with her long-awaited book. But before she can begin reading it she is quickly interrupted. The other Berry Bitty residents have shown up, wanting to see her "flying boot things", and she offers to make them some if they all gather butterflies willing to help out, and some old tennis rackets. She is saddened she has to wait longer for her book, but doesn't linger on it.

And so, the following morning everybody is enjoying their new Icy Skites as Blueberry gives Orange her pair, including the matching butterfly and she sits down to resume reading her book. Bosley asks her if she's all done and noticing her mood, tries to cheer her up, when suddenly her cellphone goes off. It's a call from ladybug Lois, who works at the "Berry Bitty Dale Berry Sporty Sports" store. She's called to ask Blueberry if she would be interested in working with her to manufacture a whole bunch of Icy Skites, including matching outfits. They also want her to make a commercial for the website. While excited, Blueberry is unsure if she is capable of doing this work. But with some encouragement from Bosley, she agrees, deciding to ask her friends for help.

Stopping the story momentarily, the baby Berrykins ask Blueberry if she could make them the skites. Blueberry resumes the story after answering them. She enlists help from Raspberry, who helps making cute outfits, then she goes to Plum to learn dance moves for the commercial. At first it is easy, until she finds herself becoming overwhelmed in making decisions. Everyone keeps trying to make a girly, figure-skater image, but she needs something sporty. She also has to deal with the same things from Lemon, Cherry, and Strawberry.


Cherry suddenly leaves upon realizing she forgot her lyric pages and Blueberry admits her worry to Strawberry and explains that she wants to think up her own ideas and she just needed only a little bit of help from the others but they want to do all of the work and won't listen to her ideas. Strawberry tells her that she should just be honest with them since she won't be happy until she does, and when the others start to worry Blueberry is the one messing up things, Strawberry asks them if they were trying to help her or not. Plum informs her that Blueberry did ask them all for advice but she didn't use any of it, and Strawberry helps them see that they might have been a little too pushy towards their friend. In the end, they decide they should let Blueberry take charge and hope it works out for the best while giving her support.

Later, Blueberry begins her commercial and Cherry records it. Blueberry then hands over the music she wants for her and Strawberry to play, so that they can record it and edit it into the commercial. They have no idea what sort of tune to use however and ask Blueberry to hum it and they can just write down the notes.


That evening the girls worry over whether or not Blueberry was able to put together something good and impatiently wait for her to turn on the recording. Every citizen in town has shown up, but they remember to hope for the best and wait for Blueberry to welcome everyone and thank them for showing up. When they all have calmed down she begins the commercial. After it comes to an end, everyone congratulates Blueberry for doing so well and compliment her while expressing how happy they are that she stuck to what she wanted, rather than what they wanted.

Back at the Cafe they continue to insist how well she did and asks if she plans to pursue any of those other talents she apparently can do, such as design, dance, and so fourth, but Blueberry politely declines. Now all she wants to do is head home to read her book, but suddenly she gets a call from the Sports store.

At Book Club a while later, Blueberry tells the others that she wants their help with a mystery book she's going to write. She was very disappointed by the ending of her book so she wanted to write her own instead, and to the others surprise, she informs them that she is dedicating it to them. As her story concludes, they thank her.

Back with the Berrykins, one asks if she really did write a mystery book, to which she confirms she did. However Blueberry warns them that it may be just a teensy bit scary for them, so they'll have to wait until their older. Then another asks if they could write a book someday and as the episode ends Blueberry tells the Berrykins that they can if they try.


  • Blueberry: I made them of an old tennis racket. I call them "Icy Skites".
  • Berry girls: Icy Skites?
  • Blueberry: (laughs) Yeah, like skating on ice skates and flying a kite - Icy Skites.


Blueberry learns that consulting with other people is good, but she is not obligated to accept their advice and critiques, in case they do not fit her project (for instance, the dance Plum taught her was too serene for a dynamic and energetic commercial). She learns that she should use her discretion to decide what was suitable for the commercial, and stick to her own belief. While she wasn't sure they would work, she stood her ground and her honesty and efforts paid off.

She also learns that it is worthwhile to try to accomplish something she has never done before.


  • This is episode 3 of 4 that Blueberry has made into a story.
  • Starting with this episode, Blueberry's voice began to gradually grow higher in tone.
  • This is the only episode to show Jadeybug flying.


  • Many Berrykins show up with wrong colored faces during the music video.

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