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Vanishing Violets





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Oct 13, 2010

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Vanishing Violets is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


After her violets go missing before the upcoming Flower Contest, Lemon Meringue begins to make assumptions that someone stole them!


Strawberry serves Mr. Longface his tea and snack before leaving to go and check up on her flowers. She sees the others and greets Berrykin Bloom, who recommends that that she water her flowers. He goes on to remark that Lemon's violets stand a very good chance at winning the contest, but she isn't so sure. Although she would like to. She snaps out of her momentary daze after noticing the time and recalling her plans to meet up with the others, and she wishes her violets a good night before leaving.


"Someone stole my flowers!"

The following morning, the berry girls come by to see that some of the violets have gone missing. Lemon can only assume a thief stole them, and the next day she shows up earlier to see if the thief returns- but all she finds is Berrykin Bloom. She remains suspicious, and seeing how upset she is, he asks if something happened.

The others show up and explain how a few violets of hers vanished, and his odd response causes her further conviction. In hopes of calming Lemon down, Strawberry offers to make her some pancakes and Wake Me Up Fruit Juice Surprise for breakfast. She agrees, but when she goes on to reveal her theory the others can't agree with her. Strawberry warns her about making rash decisions -especially with no proof- and Lemon realizes she has a point and she decides to be more careful.

Lemon returns to the field where their flowers are being kept to find that two more violets are gone. Berrykin Bloom didn't see anything though, despite being there this whole time- and Strawberry quickly points out to Lemon that this isn't a crime to make sure she doesn't jump to conclusions.

With that in mind the girls decide to prepare the nearby Gazebo for the upcoming contest once he takes off, leading Plum to wonder if it's possible he did take him. He is Lemon's biggest competition and would have every reason to want her to not enter; but suddenly, Pupcake runs by and steals one of the banners. They give chase and corner him to retrieve it, but Strawberry makes sure to remind Lemon again not to make up her mind so quickly, seeing her doubtful again.

The following morning, the girls show up to find that some of their own flowers are missing now. The strangest part is that Berrykin Bloom's roses haven't been touched though. Seeing how disappointed the girls are, he apologizes for their loss, and by now everyone -except for Strawberry- is beginning to realize Lemon's suspicions might not have been strange. They are joined by Princess Berrykin, who wanted to speak to the girls about something until an alarmed cry causes them to see that a few of Berrykin Bloom's flowers have just been stolen. Lemon feels awful now, realizing how rude she was behaving lately, and he wouldn't have taken his own flowers. As she offers him sympathy, the Princess points out that the festival is only two days away so they need to hurry up and find the missing flowers.

Losing time, the girls decide to try to do some research to determine what could be going on. But all they manage to determine is that someone is carrying off the flowers; meaning they are either really big, or there are multiple thieves.

As this is going on, Strawberry is alarmed to find Lemon giving some nearby insects an intimidating interview, suspicious of them. She makes her apologizes and explains how she had no basis to make those accusations. Lemon initially agrees, until she finds Mr. Longface eating a flower and accuses him of eating their contest flowers. He is startled by this and quickly explains how he wouldn't have touched them; he only eats his own flowers because they're not festival quality like their own.

By now Strawberry is getting annoyed with Lemon, and she suggests they set up camp to catch the culprit. The girls agree, but Lemon feels a heavy remorse for hurting Mr. Longface's feelings -especially since she's been warned a few times now- and seeing this, Strawberry comforts her. She knows how hard it can be not to jump to conclusions, and Lemon calms down, promising to try not to do it again.

The girls quickly set up camp, but in their hurry thinking they hear the thief, they end up getting a bunch of horribly timed and inaccurate pictures that do little to nothing for them. They share a laugh over the silly pictures until Lemon happens to notice a strange object in one of them and points it out. But it only turns out to be a flower.

As a precaution, Lemon decides to dig up her best flower so that she may enter it in the contest and keep it safe. The girls then go back to their homes and Lemon falls asleep on the floor of her salon, keeping her flower close when all of a sudden the ground begins to shake. Everyone meets up at the cafe to discuss the strange event, and after their imaginations start getting carried away, Strawberry brings them back to reality and they decide to investigate some more.

Returning to the flowers, the girls spot several holes have been dug in the ground. Blueberry observes them to realize that the flowers weren't being picked, but pulled beneath the ground. They see a flower about to be taken and try to save it by grabbing onto it, but they are nearly pulled underground by the force.

Further suspicious, they decide to head down there to check things out and return home to prepare. After coming back, they take turns climbing underground with a rope until everyone gets inside. Lemon is
somewhat nervous about this foreign location, until reminded that it's the only way to save the flowers.

As the girls make their way through the dark tunnels, the girls begin hearing strange sounds, also causing them some anxiety until Strawberry spots a gopher up ahead. They watch as it hops up and down, to try to grab the nearby plants, and this causes her to realize that it's been the thief. It wasn't stealing the flowers to be mean- it was eating them because it was hungry. Feeling empathetic for it, the girls try to figure out how they can help it when Lemon gets an idea. She decides to sacrifice her final flower, using its petals to lead the hungry gopher to a nearby flower field outside of Berry Bitty City. So whenever it's hungry, it can eat them.

Unfortunately, now Lemon has no flowers left.

Eventually the day of the contest arrives and Lemon offers to help Berrykin Bloom prepare his roses, confessing that she initially blamed him for what happened. He agrees to forgive her, stating that while he really wanted to win, it wouldn't have been fun if he was the only person in the contest.

It's then Princess Berrykin proceeds to announce the winners: Berrykin Bloom is in second place -confusing the girls- and Lemon has won first. Lemon is highly shocked and asks how it's possible since she didn't have any flowers left to enter, but as it turns out they had pictures of her violets. Strawberry explains how they entered them instead, and points out that Berrykin Bloom suggested it.


  • Plum: Pupcake's the thief? It's always the cute ones.
  • Lemon: Funny.


  • (Lemon interrogates three "suspects": two butterflies and a bee)
  • Lemon: Where were you on the night when this terrible tragedy occurred?!
  • Red butterfly: Asleep.
  • Bee: Me too.
  • Lemon: Oh... asleep, huh? That seems mighty suspicious!
  • Strawberry: Ah... Lemon? They always sleep at night.
  • Lemon: Oh. Ah... I'm sorry.


  • Lemon: A mmm, a mmm, a mmmo...
  • Plum: MONSTER?!?!?!
  • Lemon: AHUH!
  • Plum: Oh, why did you have to say that?



Lemon learns a valuable lesson in jumping to conclusions after she starts suspecting several people without proof. After seeing how distraught it makes those she suspects, Lemon begins to feel remorse and realizes that doing this accomplishes nothing other than hurt people.


  • Only Lemon and Berrykin Bloom's flowers were revealed.
  • This is Berrykin Bloom's first major appearance.
  • When the episode originally aired, there was a Transformers countdown icon present on the screen for the premier of its new episode.
  • This is one of the few episodes that feature insects that can talk outside of the normal cast.


  • The TV guide for the episode states that the violets disappear from Lemon's garden. But the garden didn't actually belong to Lemon, Berrykin Bloom gave the girls permission to grow their flowers in that spot.
  • At the end, when Lemon thanks Strawberry for the photo submission, Plum's hair has a blue-ish hue.